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Won't fix Winter Magic 2022 quest/event length issue

The Evenstar

Community Manager
Hey guys, just to confirm. This quest number is not a visual bug and will simply give all players the opportunity to complete the event in the last day as always.


Ex-Team Member
@Eventine Essendril @Dorfl the Clay @spennyit Thank you for your report & the discussion regarding this topic!
As The Evenstar confirmed, 97 quests are correct.
@CiraKelley For the future, it's okay to disagree with the opinion of a moderator, and especially from the perspective outside of our moderator cycle, it may be hard to understand why we decide in certain ways. But sometimes it would be good to have some trust and respect the decision.
Thanks to the report existing, we got what we need - the information that there may be an issue that needs to be fixed. And that's the most important part. Even when a problem doesn't seem to be a bug at first, we ask the internal team for information if the problem really is one.
That's what the CM is here for and sorry for giving you the feeling we don't care - we do care a lot, but we can't talk about all the processes behind the curtains. We highly respect the time you spent here in the forum and are very grateful for your help.
The situation in the thread wasn't handled in the best way and we do it better next time. Please don't be discouraged to report and discuss an issue.
Next time, we make sure to clarify that we are currently in the process of clarifying if it's a bug or feature. Before we aren't sure about it, we won't use the "Not a bug" tag.


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Changed the tag of the thread, until we can clarify the announcement is correct.
I won't lock the thread, but I suggest we halt the discussion for now.
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Thank you for your patience, everybody!
The length of the event on Beta is indeed one day too long, while the number of quests is correct. As a result, Beta players have one more day to complete all quests.
Outside of Beta, Winter Magic 2022 will run for 31 (30,5) days. The difference in event duration was not intended.


I agree that there is an issue in the event. And if it isn't addressed now it will cause havoc in the end. It clearly is a problem now.