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The Cauldron


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The Cauldron is a new Feature connected to the Magic Academy and Tournaments! Collect ingredients, brew potions, and gain powerful bonuses.

Dear Humans and Elves,

Starting today, the Cauldron is available in Elvenar!

Here's how it works:
After unlocking the Cauldron in the Chapter 5 tech tree, you will find a new tab within the Magic Academy.

It will show you your current Cauldron phase, which can be either of these three:
- Cauldron is currently not available
- Brewing Phase - at the end of the week's tournament: You can use various ingredients to brew one potion
- Studying Phase - after brewing a potion in the Brewing Phase: You can study to improve your potion's effects

Let's have a look at how the brewing works first!


While brewing, you can create powerful potions with various ingredients.
Your potion will have different effects depending on what ingredients you choose in which order - so if you find a good one, be sure to pass it on to your friends and find out together how to create the best possible potion for your needs!


We are sure you remember the ingredients from somewhere...
There are multiple additions you should keep in mind:

- Effects: On the right side, you can see the possible effects of your potion and the effect forecast, which shows you how reliable the effects will be. You can change everything to your liking, until you hit the Brew button! Then all costs will be deducted, and you start brewing.
Which effect is triggered by the potion gets decided the moment you drink, and you can have 10 active effects at the same time.
Whatever effects you are activating through the cauldron will be shown in the Cauldron tab of the Magic Academy, regardless of Cauldron availability or phase.

- Ingredients: These are only specific to the Cauldron. You can select twelve different ingredients, from which eight can be bought with "Witch Points" and four with premium. Which ingredients are available for premium or Witch Points changes every week.
Before you can start brewing, you need to fill the cauldron with at least one ingredient. You can combine up to 25 different ingredients to create one potion.

- Witch Points: The main currency for the Cauldron. The amount of Witch Points you have available for brewing every week increases by the technologies you have unlocked in your tech tree. You are able to gain more Witch Points for a next brewing in the same week by donating materials in the Studying Phase

- Trophy Goblets: The amount of ingredients added to the Cauldron increases the Success Rate - the chance of every goblet to trigger an effect. Every player has at least one Trophy Goblet available every week.
You will use one Trophy Goblet to drink from your potion, and any effect will be added to your game.
Each time the Cauldron Event begins, you are given a free Trophy Goblet, but you can win more goblets based on how well you did in the Tournament the previous week. You obtain a new Trophy Goblet each time your Tournament Points total reaches a certain threshold: 200, 600, 1200, and 2000 Tournament Points

- Tournament:
You can earn up to four Trophy Goblets, depending on the threshold reached by earning a certain number of tournaments points in the last tournament.

- Drinking more than once:
When you have another Trophy Goblet available, you can drink from the same potion again. This enables you to gain effects that weren't triggered the first time you drank, and you may also trigger a certain type of effect a second time.
Depending on your decision, you can go with the old effect or replace the active effect with the new, possibly more powerful one. The different versions of the same effect can't be stacked! Also, Trophy Goblets can't be saved for the next Brewing Phase.

- Research Diplomas: With more Research Diplomas, the number of possible effects you can trigger with the ingredients will rise. You get a Research Diploma for each chapter, of which you unlock all technologies, so the further you are in the game, the more powerful your potions can get.

- Spell Fragments: Adding them to your potion improves your "Critical Effect Chance", which is the chance to get an especially good and powerful effect. You can earn them by disenchanting items or buildings you got from events or by playing the Spire actively every week.

After brewing a potion and using all available Trophy Goblet, the Studying Phase begins!


You can't create more than one potion per Brewing Phase, but the Studying Phase prepares you for the next Brewing Phase to come!
While studying, you can improve the potion effects you can create by brewing permanently. Learning how a potion works will give you the possibility of increasing its maximum duration and boost value, so be sure to study! Whenever you brew your next potion, the improved values will be visible in the effects forecast.


To improve effects, you will invest Witch Points - either your leftovers from brewing, or by getting new ones by donating resources you might have. You can see all qualifying resources in the Study window. Be aware though, that the more you spend of one specific resource, the higher the costs will be. In the same vein, the amount of Witch Points needed for improving one effect will also be higher each level.

If you're improving one specific effect and don't have enough points to bring it to the next level just yet, don't worry - your progress will save for the next Studying Phase. But make sure to use up all of the Trophy Goblets and Witch Points, since they cannot be carried over to the following week.

There will be a blimp on the building in the City when the Cauldron is ready for more brewing (similar to e.g. Neighbourly Help notifications).
You will also find a timer in the Magic Academy window while the Cauldron tab is opened.


Unlock the Cauldron in the Chapter 5 tech tree and have fun!
Be sure to leave your experiences, brewing tips and opinions on the discussion thread!

Happy brewing,
Your Elvenar Team
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