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Discussion The Cauldron


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Be carefull with the diam's :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

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When I clicked on some odd shaped thing It told me I have 6060 of something. I have no idea what. Is it taking something that I'm going to be short on and need in about 2 minutes from now?

By the way, in order to start this, if you are in the later chapters you need to go all the way back to Chapter 5 and research the Cauldron tech.

Amy Steele

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Elvenar Team
@Biloutte91 clicking a diamond ingredient won't cost you anything, it only inserts the ingredient to cauldron and adds diamonds to its total price. You pay all costs (witch points, diamonds and spell fragments) once you start brewing the potion.
To add to that, if you added a Diamond ingredient to the Cauldron without meaning to, you can remove it before you brew, by clicking the '-' by the ingredient in the Cauldron. If you added ingredients after the Diamond one, you can remove them to get back to the Diamond one, remove it, then add back the other ingredients. The trick is remembering which other ingredients you need to add back in!

Edit: on browser 'x' is shown, not '-', and in both cases it's within the cauldron itself, just to the top right of the ingredient.
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I can't tell you if I had an X or a - because once you brewed a potion then you have "Improved Effects" screen only.
I saw the minus in the announcement capture and also, from cauldron I removed the diamonds I accidentally put them in :D

Lovec Krys

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The research for Cauldron is optional now. I am wondering if this become mandatory at some point in the future. Research kickbacks are wildly unpopular with the player base.
I you want more spells available, you need to research those optional too.
You get diplomas for each fully researched chapter: (fully means including all optional researches)