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(Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!


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That's not surprising they have that in their rise of cultures game. The main problem with that it's the same ads over and over.

Lovec Krys

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Some people have signatures disabled, so not all of them can see it (you know, many people have realy stupid (and/or huge) things in their signatures, so others like me have disabled them long time ago (but i have known your site for years, so it's not a problem for me)).

ps: For Astral phoenix to be usefull, it would have to have a feeding effect 90%, not 10%.


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ps: For Astral phoenix to be usefull, it would have to have a feeding effect 90%, not 10%.
First, it should apply to Spire, Tournament and provinces, like Fire Phoenix
Second, it should have a feeding duration of 24h, like Fire Phoenix
Third, it should provide "extra mileage" equivalent to Fire Phoenix (+50% attack) (*)

(*) Let's say that +50% attack is equivalent to +25% Troops (not exactly true, as increase in attack greatly reduces loss of troops, not linear dependency...) , that would allow to do aprox +10% Tournament encounters.
To achieve that +10% extra Tournament encounters by catering with some fixed resources, the necessary discount should be:
Number of provinces (encounters)Required Catering discount
24 (129)-16.94 %
32 (177)-16.35 %
40 (225)-17.24 %
64 (369)-17.89 %

EDIT: Sorry, some errors detected in the calculation. Working on it. Corrected
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Who needs more relics??? uhhhh
This game cares for new players, not long-term players.
Some people have 10+ stonehenge artifacts in inventories and there was never 2nd stonehenge base building to get from any event, unlike other buildings that were made later (they gave Wise Golem/Winter evo base buildings left and right)


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I got my Stonehedge from crafting. I understand that it and other buildings like it, only show up when you don't already possess them. Thus you can't own two. However, now that I have the building I only have one or two artifacts to update it and am not seeing, let alone getting, any more.