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Discussion Spire of Eternity


Any idea how to beat these Steinlings ? There squad sizes are just to big. :(
wave 2:View attachment 5891 wave 1:View attachment 5890
I tried a few different troops but I always looses. Cost me a lot of troops with that squad size, more then in several rounds of tourny. :eek:
If this keeps up I'm going to forget about the Spire at all, not worth the cost. :(

Puhh that's really a tough one.
In tounament definitely one i would carter...with lot's of troops to burn and/or the super urge to finish it i would probally test these setups

BUT I'm really really uncertain, if even one would work.


Sadly, no banshees available or any other troops from Training & Mercenary Camp. :( If they want us to force in making Barracks, Training Camp & Mercenary Camp just to be able to do Spire they can forget this stupid event all together, I'm not going to do it. :mad: Was already upset I had to build Magic Academy just to be able to do last summer event.
...you cant use combination of units, its bugged and you loose...
Great :eek:
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OMG, I wasn't looking close enough, but I wiped out all of my troops, and I hardly used troops for the last tournament so I was high for what I normally am for troops. I guess I am so used to the number of troops from the tournament, I somehow thought that I only had a portion of my troops with me...

Seriously, this isn't going to go over well.

Well, with it being beta, you could gift us some troops so we can continue to assess...

Just as you would for any other battle, you can recruit more troops using your military buildings such as the Barracks, Training Grounds and Mercenary Camp to recruit more units.


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i would use 5x banshee
you cant use combination of units, its bugged and you loose
only way to fight is 5x same units or mass HP combat buldings

I don't have banshees, I passed with sorceresses and blossom princesses ( fire phoenix lvl 10 fed and lvl 16 abbey). Now I have 9h cool down, no way I will spend timers to win yet more coin or supplies instants


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I don't have banshees, I passed with sorceresses and blossom princesses ( fire phoenix lvl 10 fed and lvl 16 abbey). Now I have 9h cool down, no way I will spend timers to win yet more coin or supplies instants
i used fire phoenix only on 3rd map, where there is unbeatable encounter with 3 waves with reshuffling units bug


I don't have a lot of troops to use for this either, but I did get thru 3 fights before I had to leave. I see a lot of potential and definitely look forward to seeing the diplomacy feature active since I don't usually fight in the provinces. I have only been playing beta for a short time, but I liked most of the rewards that were offered, as I have few resources available yet.


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Only negative response from my FS.

Too expensive, troop sizes too high >> Reward does not match to investment
Better use in tourney.

Let's have a look what happens after a lot of feedback

If the diplomacy is activated somewhere in the future it will be more like a basar:oops: not a single player "event"
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It's absurd that we have to use fire phoenix or any other building (i.e. Unleashed Unit Upgrade) just to be able to pass the 3rd gate/map. Not everyone was able to get that phoenix to level 10 or choose another phoenix instead. This fighting cost to many troops, better to skip it and save troops for tourny.

Clearly someone must have made a calculation error in the squad sizes, this can't how it should be. :confused:


I can't even try the new feature because the game won't load...server error:(


I appreciate the introduction of the new feature. My issue is that the announcement that went out didn't share that during the initial phase only autofight was enabled. We had to come here to find that out or report it as a bug to get a link to find out this was an issue.

Next time please include this for people that you are sending over from the "live server" environments so that your support teams don't get bombarded with tickets.


This is from losing 1 fight, last one before 9h gate (#3??) on map 1:


3.6x Sorceress
7x Treant
6.9x Golems

Look at my squad size !?

A normal province (ring #18) is only:

This must be wrong ! :confused:

I'm quitting this Spire event, if you do you can't do tourny anymore.
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If you are going to launch the Spire with only half of its functionality in terms of completing encounters working, is it a lot to ask for that that half should work properly? No, I don't believe it is. Could we please have some feedback on when this will be sorted out?


I just did all the fights until the 3 hour cooldown. I think I will stop there until changes have been implemented and some rebalancing occurs. I lost more troops in these (maybe 9? fights) than I usually lose in a first round of a tourney, and I usually do 13-16 provinces in each round of the tourneys (with 4 encounters in each). My city is designed for fighting. I am in Amuni and have all the military AWs available to me at this point leveled at least to 6, some to 11. I have a level 10 Fire Phoenix, but I did not feed him before this, as Pet Food actually doesn't show up often in my Crafting Lab and I'm down to just 5 bags of the stuff and gonna keep them for the tourney. I have a good healthy army and all 3 training facilities at max level (to my chapter) training constantly. I usually spend Saturday after tourney's end, Sunday, and Monday retraining my troops for the next tourney (really good prizes) and can't see me willingly sending anymore of my brave dudes and dudettes into these massacres for ..... wait for it ....... coin rains?? supply instants??? really???? :eek:


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Its a great shame that the excitement for the spire all came BEFORE it was rolled out, the hype doesn't match the reality, sorry Inno but you've got this totally wrong - you offer us half the functionality and make it impossible for small cities or those who don't fight and therefore don't have troops to get far without using timers. The prizes we get aren't worth the loss of the timers, and the loss of the troops definitely isn't worth it - when I do tournaments I know what I'm getting, when I do events its somewhat pot luck but doesn't matter so much, but this? No thanks, not until you're able to offer it all so that those of us who have chosen not to fight or have very few troops can actually progress.


It looks very nice and if you fix some parts, it seems to be a good feature.
found same failures like most of people:

1. It is not possible to use diplomatic approach
2. The troops i have trained seems not counted in correct manier.

Let us know when it is fixed to continue the challenge.

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It's weird that the same company can make so totally different experiences for two similar types of game mechanics. Comparing FoE's IE with The Spire, the difference in experience is staggering. In IE, basically anyone can do at least the first stage without loosing too much troops or resources. At the same time you get reasonable loot, with some chances of good loot if you have the Temple of Relics. And doing the other three stages aren't too hard, depending of course on which age you're at. In The Spire, it costs an insane amount of troops, and if you have a city that is not geared for combat, you are stuck after the first few battles (I managed the first three, but I cannot see any way for me to pass the first two wave battle). And the loot at those first levels do not in any way match the huge troop loss. So far, I can only add my disappointment to the rest of the voices in this thread.


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you cant use combination of units, its bugged and you loose
only way to fight is 5x same units or mass HP combat buldings

Hmmmm, I have been using combo's from the beginning, with minimal losses...but I just now got to the 9 hour gate...