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Discussion Spire of Eternity


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see a Behind the Scenes post about our upcoming feature, the Spire of Eternity, here and let us know what you think about it!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Frequently Asked Questions
To make sure that everyone has an easy chance to find the answers they're looking for, we have prepared a brief FAQ section that'll answer the most commonly asked questions from the first couple of days of the Spire being available on Beta. If you have any further questions, or if you would like more information about any of the answers we gave below, please do feel free to leave a comment in the thread!

The Spire keeps opening whenever I'm navigating anywhere close in the city. Why is that?
Yes, this was indeed very annoying, and was not intentional. We released a fix today (Tuesday 4 June) that should prevent this from happening. Should you still have any issues with this, please create a bug report!

It looks like the Spire is very close to the city and then the perspective is a bit off. Is that intentional?
The Spire of Eternity is currently positioned in a temporary spot next to your city. It will move a bit more into the distance once we activated our new city map, which was prepared with the Spire of Eternity in mind and changes the background ever so slightly. We are also still working on improving the Spire as an access point based on the feedback that we are already getting from you and will increase the contrast a bit already in one of the next updates.

I'm not a fighter, why did you release the Spire without the diplomacy option?
Our goal was to give all our players the possibility to play the very first playable version of the Spire of Eternity, to give feedback on the things that are already functional. What is currently functional is automatic battles in the browser version. We are still working on the Diplomacy feature (which will cater to those players who usually rather negotiate than fight) and manual battle options, but while that is in progress, we would already like to hear all feedback on battles, especially from those players who like to fight. All others are obviously also invited to join, but we do expect them to have a harder time preparing for the battles and getting past certain harder encounters.

Why are manual battles not possible?
Manual battles usually happen in the world map environment. Since we moved the Spire's battles out of this environment to make them usable in the Spire, we have encountered some technical difficulties that need to be resolved first. We are aware that this makes battles even harder to master at the moment, which is why we will activate the manual battle option as soon as the remaining issues are resolved.

When can we expect the Diplomacy feature?
As soon as we have a stable playable version, we will update beta for you to test it in the same way you can use the automatic battles now.

Some fights are very hard, significantly harder than normal encounters, is that intentional?
Spire encounters are not directly comparable to world map and tournament encounters. To make things easier for you, we decided against the usual system of having to finish 4-8 encounters (on Tournaments and the world map, respectively) to unlock a reward, but rather have one encounter that unlocks the reward immediately. As such, the amounts of units needed to finish one of these encounters needs to be a bit higher, as we combine several encounters in one.

At the same time, you will find some difficulty spikes in the Spire of Eternity, which are there by design. Boss battles, for instance, are harder than the regular ones. And while it is possible to fight your way through the Spire, even the fighters among us may want to consider using Diplomacy for some of these encounters. So long as the Diplomacy feature is not there yet, these encounters may feel more unbalanced than they will end up to be once you see the alternative in action.

Are these the final rewards for the Spire of Eternity?
We still have a few surprises up our sleeves, including a brand-new reward that will be available exclusively in the Spire of Eternity and cannot be found yet. But until that is here, we're very curious about your feedback regarding the current rewards, including the Spire building set and the magical Djinn that can be won as one of the final rewards. Did you find those yet?
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Uau, great feature, I am really excited with the idea we will soon be able to explore the spire :) When will we have mmore details?


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I'm curious about what an event type of the spire will be. In announcement is said "in coming days" what sounds like before summer solstice ends. Since 2 events running simultaneously is technically impossible, it could be more like tournaments, what's even more interesting. :)


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wow this is the new graphic of the builders hut??? amazing ....... ohhh ahhhh upssss booo. wait, is not, is just another thing more, ok let's give a chance but we still waiting for the new hut


This makes me happy (as long as it's not a fellowship only event). Can't wait to see it and a dungeon, sweet! Elvenar has the potential of being the best little game and new activities will help get it there. Thanks guys for the sneak-peak and terrific job as always on the gorgeous artwork.


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This looks so interesting! I must admit, as soon as I heard the word dungeon I was immediately reminded of the horrors of WoW plate heads screaming at the healers. I can't wait to see this, though. It sounds amazing!


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First impression: Looks great!... but this is Elvenar, so it lookiung good was more-or-less expected.

Second impression: Wow, that minigame looks just like the Negotiation minigame in FoE's Guild Expeditions!

Well, I guess I will now play the waiting game to see what the Spire really is...

Lovec Krys

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Ok, I'll wait and try.
I wonder what we'll get, how much time it consumes, how long it lasts, how often it is and how it influences tournaments.