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Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming


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Could one of the devs run down the hall to the live cities and tell them they have the wrong banner up? This is the banner, although the event hasn't even started yet:
2021-06-05 (2).png


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You can ignore the League if you want to play easy going. But, it is a bit difficult to ignore since there is a button on top of your map every time you play. That might make some people nervous. It plays into addictiveness.
I do not think it will add a lot to the game after this first time seeing is. But on the other hand, a few extra prices you do not have to do anything for are nice.

Enevhar Aldarion

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I totally meant to make a list of grand prizes in order, but forgot. I do not see one on the usual websites yet either, so does anyone have the list of the first 13 grand prizes needed to complete the set?


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I'm not a fan of the League system... please do not continue this system. Players with small cities really feel disadvantaged enough without feeling like they're punished for not having bigger cities or have a lot of cash to throw at the game... or... wait... was that the idea? A money making scheme?


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When playing in chapter II, this quest (I think it is no.50) is a game stopper.
Mainly because in chapter II you don't have access to play the spire yet.
Therefor there's not enough ways to collect the needed CC's and fragments to keep crafting continuously in order to get enough Vision Vapour. .
Both other quests are doable in that stage. I think to finish 2 out of 3 would be a solution to this.


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Again any live server issues need to be reported to live support as we ONLY deal with Beta issues here


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i know you're right but my live cities are through fb and i can't get onto the forums without a password i don't have...
...or can I?

Normally you should be able to setup a password through your ingame setting and the game then uses your email account connected to your Facebook. If this somehow doesn't work for you, you can contact your Live support team at support.innogames.com and they should be able to help you out!


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REALLY don't like the new event.
The prizes are blah at best, not a single good one to date. The only one that is even close is too gross to leave in the city (tongue).
The leagues thing looked good at first, but as time went on, and started falling further and further behind, becomes zero incentive to do anything extra. I've been timed-out for a week, and I watch folks (who presumably spend a lot of money) getting in front of me.
Combo of poor prizes, poor odds and exclusionary event leads to not really caring.
Could not have put it better myself.... An absolute quagmire of Schrott...It's OK...those folk at Inno will be able to translate that...

As Chandler might say..."Could they BE MORE obvious in trying to sell Diamonds..."


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I gave my feedback (mainly about the league) at the very beginning. Now I can comment on the whole (almost).
  • It seems the event was balanced to allow for getting whole set without spending (My luck during the event was average, I preferred nodes with higher progress towards the main prize, collected many of the dropped currency around my city and I built and fed the Phoenix for bonus event currency from quests. In the end I did get all 7 pieces of the set and I have some spare currency left.) That’s really good and it addresses my main concern.
  • I still hate the league as a concept, because I don’t like playing (competing) against other players. And the fact this isn’t even completion in skill&effort, but competition in dollars doesn’t help the issue at all. :rolleyes: It stains the otherwise cooperative game (tournament, spire and even fellowship adventure when played just for map rewards).
  • The set is nice, I like what it gives and I’m curious how the animation will look like.
  • The daily rewards were OK-ish. The chests with tongue looks really gross now, when I see even the animation, but I like the idea anyway.
  • Consolation rewards in chests were also OK-ish. The usual. The only complaint I have is the same as in many past events: when the daily prize is Ancient Knowledge, it’s worse than Ancient Knowledge in the chests.