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Show off your own city!


That's a great looking city Sorella and well thought out.:) \o/
Here's a pic of mine....work in progress.:)

Uh... It's me or you have two mouse? One in the barracks and the other on the mountains



...it's a miracle? :rolleyes:
We can suggest to Inno's team to have the possibility of a second mouse by buying diamonds...:D


Mine doesn't, even better I don't have one. which program do you guys use?


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A last memorial picture, before the rebuilding starst with the next expansion on sunday.


And the constraints are very, very different, because it's all about managing the Coins and Supplies that you need to upgrade and/or add the buildings that you need for your new configuration.

If you REALLY want to do it right, wipe ALL of your buildings, and you'll quickly find out how good you are at finessing the bottlenecks.


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Nahh, no need to tear all down. Just good calculating with spreadsheets. :)
With my new plan I will need 10,8k supplies per hour doing 3h manufactoy cycles and 7,2k per hour doing 9h cycles (including supplies for troop training) and I will produce 15k(100%)/18,6k(125%) supplies per hour in 1h cyles, 9,6k/12k in 3h, and 5,5k/6,9k in 9h, so it should be sufficient :D
At the cost of -20% marble and silk production, -17% gems gems production and 12 less slots for the barracks queue.
Only buildings I need to sell are the manufactories and some small armories and I have to upgrade 2 of my small armories a little and build 6 new workshops and a garden. ;)