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City Server change

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Hello everyone,
My suggestion is to have the possibility to move a player to another server with his account. It can be for diamonds, it's a matter of 200 or 300 thousand diamonds.
Reasons may vary.
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Enevhar Aldarion

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Beta only has one server, and Beta only accepts Suggestions that work on Beta, so a Mod will probably close this whenever they see it and say you need to post this on your Live world forum.


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Hi @GrayEyes
We would advise posting this idea to one of the live Forum's "Ideas and Suggestions" threads instead.
As @Enevhar Aldarion mentions, Beta is a one server market, therefore, posting to one the live Forums would help to gain more discussion and applicable dialogue, in this case.
We'll go ahead and close this thread. But please do post again should you have any ideas that would apply to all markets.
Thank you! :)
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