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Discussion Season of Dreams


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Unfortunately, we don't have more information to share to the current date.
Without going much into details you can already guess why by just hinting at the fact that Season of Dreams hasn't been released on live markets yet.
And thank you for withholding it. This is clearly nearly as broken as Cauldron, and look how that went :rolleyes:
Live Forums are full of panicked players whose game has been hijacked during the Adventure.


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such task shouldn't exist in dailies. My Spire is complete already.
Season task Spire.jpg

Amy Steele

Forum/QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hi @spennyit if you are not yet able to craft items, please contact our support via your in game settings menu. They will be able to change this quest for you

Amy Steele

Forum/QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Thanks @spennyit
As announced by Vaeri, our development team are already working at improving these quests to ensure players don't receive impossible ones
Dear Humans and Elves,

We want to use this thread to inform everyone that the team knows about the issue of quests being impossible to be completed.
The improvements necessary to ensure players only receive quests they can complete at their current progress will be made as soon as possible.


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Have been steadily and dutifully doing these Season quests each day, each week, but will admit that boredom is now setting in :(
To be fair, the quests have always been there. The difference is that we can now work on them in parallel, and the rewards are a bit more useful.


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is Inno busy to correct impossible (for chapter) quests? noooo, inno is thinking how to force players to use the cauldron even if they don't want, and about his income. It's seem me that inno are in war against his players these last weeks...
very well, I like the season, and the pass to, and I was thinking to buy it on live server, but now I changed mi mind. And not for 500 extra diamonds
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