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Release notes version 1.23


Dear Humans and Elves,

Today we introduce to your our new guest race, improved AI for auto battles and a rebalancing of our battle units! For the full release notes, please check below.


  • Dragons! And Sorcerers! Sorcerers and Dragons! A brand-new guest race is now available for you to discover, including a new unit, The Vallorian Guard, new unit promotions for the Blossom Mage and Banshee and new Ancient Wonders for this guest race. Unlock them in the thenth Chapter today! For more information, check out this announcement.

  • The AI for battle has received a major update and should now be a lot smarter in battles. This will affect the enemy units, but of course also your own when you use auto-fight to complete a battle.
  • Several questgiver portraits have received a graphical improvement.

  • In order to improve your chances on the battlefield in especially the earlier chapters, we will give your units more power on their first and second level. This will be done by moving the attack and defense bonuses to the previous level. That means that on the first and second levels of the unit, the attack and defense bonuses will be higher than before. The third level of the unit then unlocks a unit's (extra) ability, but does not increase the attack and defense bonus again. So, the third level of the unit remains unchanged, while the first and second level's strength are increased.

  • Culture Bonus should now update as soon as it changes, rather than only after a first collection of products
  • Fixed several icons in quests
  • Resolved an error with Magic Residences decreasing Culture while they shouldn't
Please let us know your thoughts on this update - we're looking forward to hearing from you in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team
We've just updated Beta to implement the following changes:
  • Resolved a problem with the Crystal Lighthouse's effects
  • The time until the end of a spell effect now displays correctly
  • You can collect the Main Hall's coins again using swipe collect
  • Made some changes to the technical side of rewarding tournament rewards, since it was causing problems
  • The number of boosts the Builders' Hut can receive is now correct again
  • Resolved a display issue of the bonuses with many decimals from the Blooming Trader Guild
  • Resolved a problem with Rune Shard rewards from Tournaments
  • The Power of Provision spell gave too many supplies, which has been corrected now
  • You can now buy knowledge points with tier 3 goods again
  • Resolved a problem where available culture didn't update immediately
  • Fixed a problem where an error could lead to tooltips breaking in some Ancient Wonder menus
  • Resolved an issue with some units' damage values being incorrect due to missing Ancient Wonder bonuses
  • Fixed a bug that caused "gain population" quests to finish whenever constructing just a single residence
  • The Weeping Willow has a Mana collection icon again if the building received Neighborly Help


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Dear Humans and Elves,

We have just updated Beta to our latest game version, including the following content:

  • Improved the way the remaining time for the Inspiring Meditations spell is shown
  • The Main Hall doesn't give the bonus for the next level as long as construction is not finished anymore
  • Upgrading residences now correctly gives population after the upgrade is finished
  • Instant-finishing a building that's placed from the inventory no longer causes errors
  • The Weeping Willow no longer has animations playing when the graphical settings are set to low
  • An armory under construction no longer causes errors when training troops in the barracks
  • Fixed tooltips on culture buildings during neighborly help
  • Resolved exclamation marks continuously popping up indicating quest progress where there was none

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team