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More magic is coming to town: Sorcerers & Dragons!


Dear Humans and Elves,

Since your city has developed and is now using Mana regularly, the Sorcerers have picked up on your newly gained powers. Their magic finds its source in Mana, and with the big waves of this powerful force coming from your city now, the Sorcerers found their way to your city and want to share their knowledge with you. The most advanced Sorcerers of the three magic disciplins, have decided to found a university in your city to help your people gain more knowledge about Mana and other forms of magic. The Sorcerer's Campus will attract apprentices, and the bigger it gets, the more apprentices can be found studying at the new university, increasing their knowledge - and yours! The apprentices can study one of the three disciplins to become Arcanists, Alchemists, and Necromancers. Later on, each graduate can also go for a second study in one of the other disciplins, mastering a second art.

In this tenth chapter of Elvenar, you will help the Sorcerers grow their campus. Be aware - the campus will be big, and to make it
possible for the apprentices to study at the university, you will have to build faculties at the campus. These faculties will need to
be connected to the campus directly - the shorter the way to the university, the more the apprentices can study, right? No need
for streets here. In this new chapter you will be able to unlock all kinds of new technologies, from new buildings, new building
levels, a new unit and upgrades to some of the existing units. But the biggest is yet to come. Curious? Read on!

To show their grattitude (or in case of some of the previous guest races, just to show dominance?), every guest race shows you how to build some of their Ancient Wonders. The Sorcerers are no different: they will provide your city with two new, amazing buildings that can be built once you have helped them enough. They can be unlocked at the end of the chapter. Both buildings have their own, unique bonuses to provide to your city.


The first Ancient Wonder is the Maze of Dark Matter. Next to the most amazing dragon avatar, this building also grants you powerful bonuses in regard to Mana. It produces a certain amount per day, and on top of that is also lowers the amount by which Mana decays every night. As with every Ancient Wonder, the higher the Wonder's level, the more powerful its bonuses get.

The second wonder is the Dragon Abbey, which unlockes an avatar of a Necromancer, strengthens all of your Mage units, and also grants a Mana bonus for every Spell used in your city. And the same applies here, too, of course: the higher the level of the Wonder, the better its bonuses.

We hope that you will have a magical time exploring all the secrets the Sorcerers have to offer. Please share your experiences and thoughts with us - we're looking forward to reading them in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team