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Release Notes version 1.18


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Today's update brings us the Ancient Wonders for the Woodelves, more improvements on the unit information screens, slight tweaks on tournament difficulties and the ability to upgrade your Magic Residences and Magic Workshops! Please find the full list of changes below.


  • We add two new Ancient Wonders for the Woodelves chapter:
    • Enar's Embassy: Offers an exclusive portrait, gives Mana when starting a Scout, and produces Broken Shards on a weekly basis - the amounts depend on the level of the Ancient Wonder
    • Flying Academy: Offers an exclusive portrait, produces Mage units from the Barracks (Sorceresses for Elves, Priests for Humans) every 3 hours and increases the training speed of the Mercenary Camp by a percentage - the amounts depend on the level of the Ancient Wonder
  • You can now upgrade Magic Residences and Magic Workshops using Diamonds. To unlock the next level, you need to finish the 'Advanced Scouts' technology of the next Chapter. In the near future, you will also be able to upgrade these buildings using a new resource: 'blueprints' - more on that will follow soon!
  • We have added a new technologies in the Orcs and Goblin Chapter for levels 9-12 of the Training Grounds, the Orc Warrior - a heavy melee unit that can be trained in the Training Grounds, and the Sinister Cerberus (this last one was already available to Humans before). All of these three technologies are available to both Humans and Elves, and will remain optional until our next update.

  • We are adding even more UI improvements to the Army Selection screens. Hovering a unit now shows you which units it's good/neutral against, making it easier to choose the right unit to get the job done
  • More tooltips have been improved to give you more information about the units' strengths

  • Enemy squad sizes in Tournaments were rebalanced to be slightly easier
    • Tournament level 1 (0 stars): enemy squad size is now 85% of your own (before: 80%)
    • Tournament level 2 (1 star): enemy squad size is now 100% of your own (remains unchanged)
    • Tournament level 3 (2 stars): enemy squad size is now 115% of your own (before: 120%)
    • Tournament level 4 (3 stars): enemy squad size is now 130% of your own (before: 140%)
    • Tournament level 5 (4 stars): enemy squad size is now 145% of your own (before: 160%)
    • Tournament level 6 (5 stars): enemy squad size is now 160% of your own (before: 180%)
  • Reseach City Expansion 34 is no longer an optional technology

  • Resolved an issue where upgrading some buildings could temporarily make it appear as if you had more population you could use
Of course we would like to hear your thoughts about this update. Please take a minute to leave your opinion in the discussion thread! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team
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Hi everyone!

To those who have already reached the highest level of an Ancient Wonder: wait no longer, you can upgrade again! Ancient Wonder levels until level 20 have now been released.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team


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Hi guys! We just performed a game update including the following changes:

  • It is visible that a building is upgradable again in a tooltip when you hover the building in your city
  • Reinstated the time indicator for minutes in the Tournament counter for the remaining time until the next level is unlocked
  • Fixed some broken tooltips for Ancient Wonder bonuses
  • The storage capacity for the Orcs and Goblins' Portal is now shown accurately again, even after having disconnected and reconnected the building
  • It is possible again to upgrade Residences or build new ones if you have negative population
  • Upon opening the research tree, the pointer to indicate in which chapter you are was always on the first chapter, but now shows the current chapter accurately
  • Declinable quests are back again, yeey!
Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team
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We've just updated Beta with the following changes:
  • Fixed a problem where the Supplies produced by the Tome of Secrets didn't count towards a quest
  • Removed the 'Disband Fellowship' button from view for those who are not in a Fellowship (wasn't functional)
We've just updated Beta with the following changes:
  • Canceling an upgrade no longer deducts ranking points
  • It is now possible to construct an Ancient Wonder if you are at negative culture again
  • Resolved an error where Coins and Supplies did not update immediately after unlocking a research using Diamonds
  • Resolved a problem with incorrect training times for units