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Release Notes version 1.16


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Today's update brings 2 major features to Elvenar: the Battle Redesign, part 2 and... The Woodelves! And if that was not enough, we have also made some improvements to the Trader! Please find the full list of changes below.


  • Woodelves are setting foot in the world of Elvenar!
  • We continue releasing more content related to the Battle Redesign. The following features and changes are part of this update:
    • Blossom Mage - a new Mage unit that can be unlocked in the Fairy chapter, trained in the Mercenary Camp, available to both races
    • Drone Rider - a new Light Melee unit that can be unlocked in the Fairy chapter, trained in the Mercenary Camp, available to both races
    • Mortar - a new Heavy Ranged unit that can be unlocked in Chapter III, trained in the Barracks, available to Humans only. The technology for this unit will remain optional until the next update
    • Ranger - a new Light Ranged unit that is unlocked in the Woodelves chapter, trained in the Mercenary Camp, available to both races
    • New levels of the Mercenary Camp have become available within the Woodelves chapter
    • A new military building has been released: the Training Grounds (Chapter II)
    • Cerberus has moved from the Barracks to the Training Grounds, and is therefore no longer exclusively available to Humans, but also to Elves. For Elves, this new technology ('Training Grounds and Cerberus') is optional until the next update, for Humans it was already mandatory to research, but it did move position to an earlier chapter, which could cause the need to research it before you're able to continue in the research tree if you are at a specific point in the progress. It was impossible to make it optional for Humans too, since it would cause problems with the already released upgraded versions of Cerberus
    • Archer Promotion 2 (Elite Archer) has been moved from the end of the Orcs and Goblins Chapter to the Dwarven Chapter. This technology will remain optional until the next update.
    • You can now encounter a number of new units in Provinces and Tournaments: Abbot levels 1-3 (Mage), Thornrose Mage levels 1-3 (Mage), and the Orc General levels 1-3 (Heavy Melee)

  • We rearranged the order of units in the Barracks, so that we can use the same order in all three military production buildings. The new order will be: Light Melee, Light Ranged, Mage, Heavy Melee, Heavy Ranged. This order also reflects the new 'combat pentagon'.

  • After observing the new battle system, we are making the following tweaks (and more tweaks can and most likely will be made in the next updates as well):
    • Many Light Ranged units have been buffed
    • Sorceresses' and Enchantresses' attack range has been decreased slightly
    • Cerberuses and War Dogs are now even better against Mages

  • Fixed the sound of units in battle
  • The time of the last message now updates correctly
  • Fixed a bug where quest 'Uglyful Cities' would complete without doing any task
  • Improved text in a cancel construction confirmation window
  • Fixed an icon on a quest window
Of course we want to know what you think about this. Please take a minute to leave your opinion in the discussion thread for this update! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Beta Team
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Hi everyone,

The Wholesaler improvements haven't been implemented yet. They are scheduled for game version 1.17 but we accidentally put them in these Release Notes already. We will now remove them, sorry for the confusion this caused :)
We just deployed a hotfix on Beta with the following changes:
  • Fixed a problem with the upgrade tabs disappearing in the Magic Academy and Builders' Hut
  • Resolved a problem where you could buy Magic Residences and Magic Workshops at levels you would normally not be able to buy yet
  • Made it easier to compare Mana-producing buildings by showing Mana production per hour on all Mana-producing buildings


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Today we implemented a hotfix which includes the following content:
  • Resolved an error that appeared when unlocking the Advanced Scouts technology in the Woodelves chapter
  • Exchanged some NPC units in battles to prevent units from being invisible
We just released a newer version of 1.16 that contained the following:
  • Solved an issue where more City Expansions could show as available than there should be


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We just updated to a newer version of 1.16 including the following fixes:
  • Fixed a cause of internal errors when using hotkeys
  • Resolved a problem where an encounter in a Tournament could not be opened on low screen resolutions
  • Fixed an issue with the number of available expansions in the build menu
  • Fixed a display issue after casting the Ensorcelled Endowment spell
  • Fixed Neighborly Help icon locations
  • While an Ancient Wonder that provides Culture is upgrading, the Culture of the previous level now remains available again
  • Woodelves avatars now unlock at the correct time
  • You now get some better information when collecting Knowledge Points from the Tome of Secrets
  • Magic Workshops and normal Workshops can now both be used to finish the Halloween quests
Thank you all for your help on this! The majority of these latest bugs were reported by you in version 1.16 and because of the quick reports, we were now able to fix them before they would be released on the Live version. Great teamwork everyone! :cool:
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