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Discussion Release Notes version 1.102


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So you want the AW donation button added here so you can add kp to an AW from kp message threads?

if that "pop-up AW" can also place inside the message thread
that is to say, we choose player in last post, instead of just "visit", that "pop-up AW" can also be 1 of the choice, it save player's work ..jump out of message thread, go to fellowship.....choose member....
if we can allow the choose "pop-AW" when we click player in last post of kp-swap, that will be better


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Is it just me or AW donation through new 'list of wonders' is much slower when it comes to the perfomance? When visiting a city, using the old method, giving KPs 1 by 1 from the bar is very fluent, compared with the new system, where each donated KP costs around 1 second, till it really appears to be donated.


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New system is reloading all AWs info (with map positions etc, like when entering the city) on each investment, while old one receives only updates on research state of current one.
That's the same kind of issue as with doing NH from FS list is much slower when you are not in your city, as it reloading a ton of usually unneeded info while doing it.

Deleted User - 65616

Apparently this is not a bug after all, but our communication was not up to date with a change of decisions. It was ultimately decided that the farthest advanced (in general) should be first to reflect the relevance better.
@Marindor could you please give a fuller explanation of "farthest advanced" is to the developers if not by KP input and apparently not by level achieved? As stated in the original defect post the current order appears to be:
3.see that wonders are in order of research and not kp invested
i.e. the order in which unlocked