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Discussion Release Notes version 1.102


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seems good :)
eager to try it

edit : tried it, doesn't work :(. It does swallow the instants, but doesn't give the intended kps
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Nice for others wonders. I would have liked to see my own wonders progress too like we do on mobile app. Is there a way?


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it's wonderful to be able to donate pc via app finally and I like the tab "levels" too, but it needs further adjustments..

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useless, and the game is now slow slow slow slow slow slow slow and unplayable


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world map

tap on neighbor names
press AW icon
On some of my neighbors the box comes around but there are not some AW but it clock in the middle.
it may be that they have AW which is finished but not located in the city

There are others neighbors where they say they don't have AW, so that may not be the fault.
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This update doesn't say anything about the app. but on my live server this was mentioned (hope i wont get in trouble for this)
Please note: the activation of Ancient Wonder functionality is decoupled from the app release and will only happen once the app version is fully available to all users in all stores.


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Nice improvement, but AGAIN

make the game work without bugs FIRST.

We yet to have to get 1 week without bugs in tournament, slow realtime data with mails etc.