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No more forum, just Discord...


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Well, that's what happened...
The first new introduction to the game rules, which can no longer be read in the forum but only on Discord.
This is somehow totally demotivating for me... :-(

To simply shut down a well-functioning forum... why am I surprised at the performance of INNO Games?
This pressure of having to register with a third-party site doesn't suit me at all and I won't do it either.


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Yup. Also not joining Discord. And since it means I won't be able to give any feedback anymore, I already have begun shutting down all testcities. Which btw, ALL tended to spend at least a small amount of money on diamonds every year. But with multiple cities that adds up. Or rather added up as that money will now be spent on something else.


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I just noticed that there is no link to the Forum anymore.
no more forum link.png
no more forum link2.png


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I wonder how long they will keep the forum's open. Removing the link already does not really spark confidence in their claim of keeping them open 'for a couple of months yet'.
I can just hope they will, as a couple of months should be more than enough to show what an incredible mess Discord will be as a way of keeping track of info. As mentioned before; it may be great as a chat-platform, it absolutely unsuited as a replacement for a real forum.

It may sound nasty, I guess it is nasty, but I really do kinda hope there will be lots and lots of visitors asking the same questions over and over again every week as topics sink down the list and get brought up once again as there is no real way of searching for anything there. Maybe that will help show some obvious problems of using a chatserver.


This was posted on the German forum. Looks like there *may be* a possibility that a couple of forums may remain open. Which ones those may be, who knows? Probably not the German one. LOL They don't seem to get along over there.
Like @Verde said, the US and EN have petitions to keep those forums open. I hope their efforts work out! :)

>>U.S. Petition Here <<<

>> EN (International) Petition Here<<
I don't have a lot of hope for the Beta forum, sadly. It seems players have been leaving in mass over here since last year and there isn't a lot of mod/player engagement.
It's really too bad. Beta is the heart of Elvenar, where everything new is seen here first.

Edit to add the German Forum's petition as well: https://de.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/das-de-forum-soll-erhalten-bleiben.27541/ :)
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I have been playing Elvenar here on Beta for 8.5 years now. Based on this I can say that a decision made by INNO has never been revised, no matter how "strong" the indignation about it was. So we have to accept that our (beloved) forum here will be closed in a short time. Too bad, I personally found it very informative and you could, if you behaved reasonably, also express criticism here.


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So which Forums?
Silmaril, the EN CM, says it's not set in stone. All I can say is, interesting, considering the atmosphere that's pervaded over there since Muf-Muf's absence.

The US Forum is vibrant, outside of a couple of regular complaints, until recently, when a great deal of bitterness has been expressed. This is not a good way to bond with our newer CMs.

Our CM would need a Co-CM for this Forum to continue.

But yeah I would love to know who is up for consideration

Dorfl the Clay

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So we have to accept that our (beloved) forum here will be closed in a short time.
I find it too early to just lay down and accept it... I am keeping my fingers crossed that enough players keep protesting, so Inno will realise they need players to test on beta and have a proper tool (which Discord is definitely NOT!) to report about their findings and that Inno will understand many (most?) players feel this change in policy is unacceptable! Closing a database with so much (over 8 years) accumulated knowledge is a form of disrespect to all that made an effort to contribute to it!


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wow. This is VERY Distressing.

I will NEVER join DISCORD, I loath it. Too bad.

Inno keeps making horrible decisions and that is why Elvenar and its other games have lost so many of its players. They invent the game and then as time goes by they keep losing players due to STUPID decisions.


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It looks like the petition is spreading to more forums, showing how valuable of a resource this platform is for players everywhere.

Netherlands: https://nl.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/ons-forum-moet-blijven.10887/

There are threads on almost every Elvenar forum discussing what a bad idea it is to solely use Discord.

I'll say that having the 22 (!) forums there currently are for Elvenar is probably too many to keep, moving forward.
Some of those forums have almost no discussions going. Others are fully active.

Keeping Community managers, co-cms, forum mods and game mods is excessive for so many language servers.

That does not justify moving everyone to Discord, however.

The better move would have been to minimize the amount of open forums.
English and German forums are logical to keep for this game.
It's a mainly English language game made in Germany. (Not to dismiss any other language. I just mean that Elvenar ads and promotions are all in English)

It's very commendable that Elvenar was willing to have so many forums, representing each language the game carries for each server.
However, if that is proving to be too cumbersome for the company, why not condense the forums down to just a few while also giving every customer access to Discord and every language server over there? That would be a win for all parties.

I hope tensions between Elvenar staff and players eases over time. The German forum in particular seems to really be suffering with communications, lack of kindness and lack of de-escalations from everyone lately.
I admit to being a little too harsh with new staff and seeing the bad attitudes over the last year made me bitter. But being nasty without productive discussion gets us all nowhere.
I'd like to see us all working together moving forward to keep this game healthy and thriving.
Keeping these forums is crucial to allowing that to happen.