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Implemented [New Feature] Races

Loki Blue

Well-Known Member
With the Guest Races, we can consider this idea more or less implemented :)
But not as playable "characters", you see? ;)

This leads me to two questions for all readers:
1. Would you like to see completely new races (besides Humans and Elves)
A third race, available when you begin a new city/account. I suggest...Dragon. Giant of some sort (cough **Frost** cough) is another favorite of mine. :D

2. Would you like to pick new (sub)races at the beginning of the game, or would you like to unlock this possibility later in the game?
Subraces/differing cultures would be lovely. A quest, totally voluntary of course, something that you opt into but are not locked into, so that if a player decides later on that they've changed their mind they don't have to complete it.

This would all unfold over time, something that might keep some players interested and happy. I realize that with everything else being introduced, and with so many other ideas to choose from, that this will likely be overlooked. That's alright, though...I just thought I'd shake the tree a little. :cool: