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Other Make "Storm" and "Aureate" pet food last longer

Are you in favor of this idea?

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King Luckybaby

Well-Known Member
Is this not an important survey ?
The participation is not so good ?

I say YES again - but 6,5 hours - then 3x is possible !


I would also be for a sufficient extension. Have already found my phoenix once again only hungry instead of saturated 1-2 times. He did not feel good! :) Of course I would be happy about 6.5 hours. But you should not be too greedy. - Therefore, I would find an extension to 4 or 5 hours in order. Can not be that my Phoenix is hungry so fast. Even my cats are not so greedy! : D ---- YES !!!




Well-Known Member
What's the big deal about changing a timer? It has been 16 months since this idea was forwarded. It really seems like it would be a very easy programming change.

It would actually be nice to see a lot more time added. On live I get cater that costs 250k t1x 3, and the aureate on 3 hours would add 2250 to a t1 manufacturer. I don't even begin to understand the inability to see the degree of how little it does.

I genuinely believe those manufacturer bonus things that gave us 3x the goods were data collecting exercises, and the data was used in the design, but implemented completely wrong because 300% of base was applied instead of 300% of actual production.

So, the data collecting exercise gave 3x times on the 800% that you have with the base of 100% plus the 700% from relics. On top of that you were able to apply MM, so say you had 175% from the MM, which is on the 800%, effectively giving 1400% of base, and then triple that and you have 4200% of base, and I can see the need to limit giving that much of a bonus, which is 300%, right, like the data gathering exercise, right?

But what was applied was 300% to base, giving a total of 1100% of base, 100% for the base, 700% for the relics and the 300% for the aureate. I suppose if you use those 175% MM you get 1925%.

Well, what you'd have without the aureate and with the MM is 1400%, so the increase with the aureate is 37.5%, but what those 300% increased manufacturer data gave was a 200% on collection, roughly 6 times what this aureate is doing.

So, the 2 collections that it looks like the aureate would be used for are mostly likely a 9 hour collection and a 3 hour collection, so 12 hours of collection. And being 6-fold under valued because for the reasons I've given, means the aureate really should have a 3 day benefit. Overall, that would be equivalent of giving about one extra day of goods collection.

There's no question the fire saves losing a lot of troops, but the bears, well, an extra 50% on military for 12 hours and say you use the 33x5hour timers from the spire, well that 11 per military producer, and 55 hours. 55+12 is 67, and 50% of that is 33.5 hours of extra military production, or about 1.4 days of benefit.

The Aureate is giving less than 0.2 days of benefit. Actually, making the Aureate good for 3.5 days would bring it on par with the a bear in terms of benefit.