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Is Beta dying?


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That's the issue I'm trying to rise, there are a lot of cities that should be archived, but are still on the map.
I was moved only when edge crossed my position, edge moving was pretty obvious looking at my map week over week, but these cities are out of that edge.
Center is a chapter1 city now.=)


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I just "hit" the edge of the map. Once a flourishing NH, now my whole West side and almost whole North side is empty.
I was at the edge years ago and it took 2 long years to be moved, now my NH is getting emptied again. Does this mean that so many players left Beta?


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You are far from the edge (at least far from be moved due to being on the edge, it has more than 14 rings to go towards you for that).


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You are far from the edge (at least far from be moved due to being on the edge, it has more than 14 rings to go towards you for that).
Maybe, but still, there's deserted space where I said. You can barely see a city here and there. I have already almost 30 empty spots in my scouted NH. Today I found other 3.


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My old location was like yours now after previous move. That's why I was scouting only south-west all that time. It took 2 years for the edge to reach me. If those stale cities were actually archived - I'd had almost 50% of my NH filled by goldmines at the end.


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Well, I will not go on discord too. And really, I don't see which kind of progress it is to propose us such a tool ???
Elevenar spend a prescious time creating a new platform when players don't ask for it. What's the point for the discord ?
I have try to reach the announcement of the new season comming, and.... it's only on discord ???? Are you killing me ?
It is all about money....discord wants to go public and needs more members to show to potential investors..probably paying inno to move....and inno mgt does not understand that discord will make inno pay even more in the future....


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So, there is not a lot of player engagement on Discord for beta. There were only 7 players who mentioned anything in the gateway to the past discussion…and that event discussion channel carries over for each new event released…so if you want to read through comments on past event, good luck! You’ll be scrolling back a long ways.
It just doesn’t work as a forum for all things elvenar. :(


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Half my map looks like this; greyed out cities.
It has been like that for ages
greyed cities.png


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This is where I was before the move, every city rightside of that line is a dead city that should have been hidden from the map long ago.


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Meanwhile those german humans and elves who did not want to give Discord a try created and and already launched their own independent Elevenar-Fan-Forum even without advertisements. Just to keep that good old forum alive somehow. ;)

Edit: It's only in german of course, but can be translated via google translate.
Elvenar-Fan-Forum has just welcome its 300th member. Lots of changes were made, it is now possible to like or dislike posts and to switch the language from german to english after having logged in.

Aside from many other changes, the interet adress has been changed too. It is now: https://www.elvenar-fan-forum.de/


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Please do! The issue can easily be fixed, but only for individual accounts. It wasn't possible to apply a general fix for this issue.
I did and it was fixed.
However, there just isn't that much reason for me to stay active on beta. Once the forum goes, I will put one city in sleep-mode and just delete the others. The one will just be there to keep an eye on new stuff once in a while, but that's it.

All other cities on all worlds, except for my 1 main city on US Elcysandir, will also go in sleepmode or be deleted.


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There is someone in discord today flooding all the channels with an invitation to join a spam discord server. These spam servers can hack your info, give your system a virus and many other terrible things.
….I wonder how many customers have already clicked on that spam link? :(

For some reason, inno won’t add any bots to their server to discourage spamming and inappropriate content.

Once again showing that discord is not the place to have forums, especially when it is not set up correctly.



Another day with spam posts all over the official discord channels. :rolleyes::confused:
I think I’ll be deleting my account over there. I’m tired of it already. It’s much easier to get hacked on a large discord server with very little moderation being done. Having game mods just doesn’t cut it. They need more security over there.
Why again is discord better than the regular forums? No reasonable or logical answer has been given.

Also, remember how they *just* introduced the new smilies for the forums recently…and have now abruptly changed their minds to go over to Discord instead?

Yeah, things seem pretty rash and unstable behind the scenes for our poor game nowadays. o_O


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Hello all,

Thebigunknown had already offered it to you. I can only repeat that at this point:

We have tried to create a new meeting place for us players.

There is also the possibility to put the forum in English.
----> https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/is-beta-dying.18790/post-119619

Thebigunknown is our moderator of the english speaking users.

We would be happy if we could welcome you there as well.
Hallo zusammen,

Thebigunknown hatte es Euch ja schon angeboten. Das kann ich an dieser Stelle nur wiederholen:

Wir haben versucht, einen neuen Treffpunkt für uns Spieler zu schaffen.

Es besteht auch die Möglichkeit, das Forum auf Englisch zu stellen.

Thebigunknown ist der Moderator der englischsprachigen User.

Wir würden uns freuen, wenn wir Euch dort ebenfalls begrüßen könnten.