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Is Beta dying?


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The idea that this forum is not widely used and people who use Discord already will come and use the new forum is comparable with stating that libraries aren't being visited very much, but McDonalds is. And so piling up books there will make more people read.
Well...yes and no, people will read the newspapers, so compare that with the few new topics. But just about nobody goes to McDonalds to read the collected works of Shakespeare or Dostoyevski or Mark Twain or Mishima. Piling up books will not change that. Even less so when you put up annoying flashing banners all around it.

So my prediction for the move is that especially at first visits will go up. And there will be some discussion on the newest topics. But the purpose of a forum is also to collect data to be retrievable. That part will be lost. There may be more visits as people chat. But that does not mean it is really more useful. Even less so when you stand to lose a good part of your dedicated forum visitors. You also lose all your collected data. And people going on Discord will quickly find out they cannot really find the info they are looking for BECAUSE IT IS NOT A FORUM.

Other observations; it seems a lot of the players are...let's say not so young anymore. So the smaller space and flashing banners on Discord will be a turnoff.

Enevhar Aldarion

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Other observations; it seems a lot of the players are...let's say not so young anymore. So the smaller space and flashing banners on Discord will be a turnoff.

You can use Discord in your browser too, so you can have it on a big screen. Us middle-aged or retired folks not wanting to move to Discord are not wanting to because it is just another social media platform that is inferior to a real forum.


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The idea is from a german User:

I have an idea as to how we might be able to prevent the forum from being shut down!

If we advertise our forum and in the next few months twice as many players register here in the old forum as on Discord, or perhaps even more, will InnoGames perhaps reconsider its decision?

I suggest that we promote joining the old forums in all of our guilds on all servers.

There are many of us and we can change things!

We won't give up our forum any time soon!

I wish everyone who is committed to preserving our forum, in whatever way, a lot of success and staying power

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I'm in the admins/dev team of discord server dedicated to third party tool for MMORPG which official servers was closed a year ago. We still have more than 9k users with more than 1k online. And few messages per month activity with a bit more than 100 users who actually took a look at that messages last month according to discord analytics...


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You can use Discord in your browser too, so you can have it on a big screen. Us middle-aged or retired folks not wanting to move to Discord are not wanting to because it is just another social media platform that is inferior to a real forum.
I have used Discord in the past. On a browser btw, as I don't like having to use anything on a phone (other discussion entirely, but the way people seem to have gotten attached to their phones is just unhealthy). It was ok as a chatserver. But that does not make it ok as a forum.
And even for me it is too flashy, but then again I'm an old-fashioned old coot.

And 'us middle aged and retired folks' actually seem to be the majority of the long-term players. At least amongst the players I know and play with on different servers. Elvenar is not fast enough or action filled enough for most of the younger folks.

Deadeye Jerry

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Elvenar Team
Guys, you can give the Discord server a try, everything we can do here, we can do on Discord as well. You can use the forum until you get used to Discord because it might be overwhelming if someone hasn't used it before. For me, it is way easier to check Discord than open the forum, but that might be just me.


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Here you have "what's new" with the list of topics directing you to last unread messages in them.
On discord you end up clicking on channels and scrolling back. And even more clicking and scrolling for "forum"-type channels...
+ as far as I see - there is no way to pin some publications on these channels like "Guide to bug reporting" is pinned here, so everything will go down to the abyss over the time.
Discord is great for chat, notification about urgent game issues that need to be fixed ASAP. But not for long-term game support, especially when a huge part of that support (guides etc) is created by players themselves.


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I love Discord for very specific reasons. I use it to communicate with family, friends and to view hobby interests.

I don't like the idea of only having the Discord server available for Elvenar content. It just doesn't seem like the appropriate place for a whole gaming forum, in this case. Not to mention all the past content that will be lost once these forums are gone.

Discord can be a quick place to glance at any recent announcements and events posted, much like texting or messaging....and that's exactly what Discord is labeled as, "Discord is an instant messaging and VoIP social platform. Users have the ability to communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called "servers".

Everything else outside of quick texts/chats becomes tedious and frustrating to click through or try to find. It's too time-consuming.
If you aren't checking the server pretty regularly, it can be very easy to become overwhelmed, lost or feel left out.

Visually, Discord feels impossible to navigate and find what you'd like to read about, if you are someone who is not an active chat & social media-savvy individual.

There is too much searching and scrolling required on Discord, where over here, everything is pretty orderly in comparison.
It's really too bad we can't keep both. I am enjoying chatting with the Elvenar community on Discord...but it just isn't structured well enough to hold everything we see here, over there.
And anywhere you have a forum type community for gaming, it's guaranteed that the majority of folks are there solely to read information rather than engage in feedback or discussions, so I don't think that's a good basis for shutting these forums down...in all honesty, it is making it worse by losing this community's voice that has already been established on each Elvenar forum.

Dorfl the Clay

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What a terrible idea! Forcing players to start using Discord is a very bad move... and they who claim players should try it first, pass by players that have tried it, found it to be a terrible and unnecessary complicated medium.. I have left several - in principle good - FS, because they decided on using Discord. If it is pushed thru and this forum ceases to exists, that will end my contributions and efforts to help and try to make Elvenar better!


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Maybe we should change the title from "Is Beta dying?" to "Is Elvenar dying?" :cool: I am used to Discord and I find Elvenar Forum implementation on Discord awful: definitely too complicated with respect to this Forum. Anyway is not a major issue since Inno Development Team don't listen to the players, so we can simply avoid that Discord Forum in the same way Inno Development Team avoid this one :cool:


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While I hate to admit it, Discord and Fellowship Adventures seem to be made for each other. AW swap threads for your neighborhood, rather than just for your Fellowship, would be another activity.

I'm not into Team Sports, but we would do well to at least acknowledge that Fellowship Chat and the Forum both suck at coordination activities, where weeks-old information is useless anyway.
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The idea is from a german User:
Meanwhile those german humans and elves who did not want to give Discord a try created and and already launched their own independent Elevenar-Fan-Forum even without advertisements. Just to keep that good old forum alive somehow. ;)

Edit: It's only in german of course, but can be translated via google translate.

This page will stay even after INNO will have shutted down all them forums around the globe!

It should be a possibility to read the Discord-only announcements and informations without using Discord and even with no need to log in to read! ;)

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