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Implemented Highlight new/unread notifications


When you get a new notification, a number appears next to the bell icon for the button Notifications, under your avatar, and if you hover the mouse over it it shows you those notifications on a tooltip, which is so cool.

But, when you push the Notifications button there is no way of telling which notifications on the list are new/unread, and which ones are old. I suggest new notifications get some kind of highlighting effect on the Notifications window.

Aelin Fireheart

A highlighting effect or new messages are shown in bold typing.


It's a good idea, but I don't have any problems as it is now.


Well-Known Member
Not feeling particularly strong on the topic, but +1 from me. I just think it's a very minor thing and wouldn't give it priority. :)


Well-Known Member
I agree with Phantom it's a very minor thing but i will give my support anyway as the little stuff help the game look so much better.



Ex-Team Member
This idea has been implemented. The player name of the neighbour and the date and time of the event are now bolded if the notification is unread. :)