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Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults


I've just seen Coldfire's chapter 15 level 10 stats. It's half of all other evolution buildings pop/cult.
Literally 1615 pop 3230 cult for 4x4 building
No more words needed. Trading for old artifacts without a question.
Often you need to produce sentient good for your member, the evo building can be good (or not too bad if you see the contrains) (and if AW boost applied to them, never see a confirmation/contrary about that), if you are standalone or unfriendly player, sure this building is a crap.

Can somebody confirm or not if the bonus from D111-a "Timewarp" & Vortex of Storage applied to evo building ? I think yes else it should be a crappy building ^^


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No way anything other than chapter and level could affect evolution buildings
I remember how sirens had this bug that people with relic bonus to marble had bonus siren production and everyone else didn't.


Craftable artifacts, is a nice addition to this event.
As for Coldfire's new stats, if the intent was to create a weak building, they did succeed. The production amount, would be still meh even for 24 hours.


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The cold phoenix is not good for playing and advancing our cities in elvenar. No one growing, wants mana or sentients every 48 hours when all other existing building options, offer better. Personal preference maybe, but not logical. Pretty? sure. But facts are facts. There is unequivocal proof this building is not an asset to playing and advancing in the game of elvenar. Are we all advancing? No. Are we all playing the game as it was intended. No.

You are better off placing anything you can collect sooner than 24hrs in your city. Including another sentient or bath of pleasures for mana/pop, lower chapters are always better off with a levelled EE, ToS or workshop. Tier 3 goods as well, never has paid enough to be a good special event building bonus. These chapters 1-8, have grossly inadequate bonuses that have been pointed out often and never addressed. Why do these chapters get left with feeble bonuses? ( re, every special event building ) why has the phoenix set not resurfaced? This would be a glorious contribution to all new players in chapters 1-8. Make these craftable for them.

Having a second 2019 bird at level 5 or 6 will be far greater use to All player chapters and stratedy. Whether its a 2nd fire phoenix or, another type plus fire or any other combination of the three your city does well with, cold phoenix does not provide equally for its space.

When players come on here and say we should just accept and like a building, that teaches no one the real workings of the game. Everyone should be able to say what they like or dont like about it, and if it doesnt apply to you personally, stop being offended. Be open minded that players dont like what you like and play different. It helps if you support your opinions with why it works, but telling someone to be more positive doesnt prove your way is better or that there is any better way. Just tells us you cant accept someone else's opinion or be open minded to their pleas for change. Remember players are talking to the game, the forum as a whole, not you personally.

If someone is upset it should be a learning experience! Try to see, feel and understand what they share! Dont reject their issues because you never had that problem. Worst teaching method ever. be empathetic or relate or learn from other players frustrations. We are not all same chapter, same growth, same cities. But the game should be fun and playable by everyone. And as far as i am concerned, voicing your frustration is a reason why we have a forum, for positive changes can not be made if we tell everyone to be silent.

if you dont agree, i will never be hurt or take it personally. I will also, never ask you to be silently frustrated, that is wrong. If you feel enraged by a comment - step back and take a moment, no one is asking You to fix the problem, but accept there is one for that player, for their situation, their chapter, their play style.

we all deserve a reward that in at least 1 way, earns a spot in our advancing city. And if we can give a reason why its not a good choice, everyone should be aware and be saved placing a bad building.
More effort and higher bonuses generally go into Grand Prize Reward buildings, this cold phoenix is extremely low in reward bonuses. Its value is too low to place. Events generally take time, space and strategy to complete, if dailies and grand prize offer no incentives to advance with, players lose interest and move on from elvenar. Not every player feels the events are worth leaving over but again, it's a very real reason to leave. Some quests have been repaired, reward buildings are adequate, new buildings are pretty so this satisfies some players but not all of them. Fixing the grand prize to a similar version of its phoenix brothers would be much more interesting, but i believe what players are actually asking for is at least equal value to previous event buildings of its size. That is a very fair and encouragable fix to make, otherwise why are we not just winning half the evolutions for the old phoenixes? Why bother with a new building and craftable recipes?

I have always been disappointed to play one more elvenar event without being equally able to participate. That goes for whether the quests are too time consuming, require too much supplies or goods on collect (still insanely high for all chapters), take days to complete, no worthy buildings whether its bonuses are low for chapter or not replacing older pre dated buildings, and i cant imagine being tech locked without any wonders to donate to on mobile. All these reasons to me, make elvenar a pass next time an event comes up. If even half the newer players are giving up because they are prevented from participating in their first event, its much easier to find a game these days, that include them. Low chapter tutorials are not informative enough to build boosted only, advance normally and they dont make spell fragments easily enough before unlocking the spire with the reduction of winnable daily rewards on events. Please explore being a chapter 1-8 player again on a different world in your server if you dont understand now, you will.

I have played every event since the inception of events and they are not bridging gaps, but creating new ones which compound frustration and deplete attitude and attention to the game affecting player retention. I recommend a game to take example from that includes all levels equally, its not advertising, its not the same genre of game but has events that equally perform and reward for all levels. Their current event lasts 30 days and any level player is applied fairly to the event. I dont know if inno wants other games mentioned by name here so if a moderator is interested in hearing about it please message me.


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@TomatoeHu to be honest i would prefer it to be exceptionally good pop/cult building, better than winter stars/trees of candy cane, without any productions, effects etc, instead to be many things in low ammounts... But whatever, i'm planning old phoenix instead

Guys which phoenix you'd prefer? Aureate or Storm?
I'm having problems to choose what to upgrade (i have Fire lvl 10)
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The building is bad. Period.
You say, it's fine to give us a bad building, for main prize? I hear that.

Btw, what about Wishing well? Was it removed from the events?


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I think you bring up a great point about how different the values are for pieces and part of that goes to the history of game, and why they devalued consumer spending is beyond me.

So originally the events had 3 beautiful prizes that you could win only one of and I think the stats on each was better than the dailies, but each successive prize had even better stats than the one before. Pretty much everyone who finished the events could get the first two and with the game design these pieces were valuable longer than the dailies. It was very hard to win the grand prize. I think the stats worked out that maybe 1% of players would be lucky enough to win it and so basically you had to buy diamonds to get those highly coveted prizes. Like a diamond, they were rare and cherished. They were never dailies and they did introduce the ability to get them as prizes in FA when it first came out. So because I supported this game financially, and I won those early FA, I had two each of a couple of the best game pieces.

I personally held onto and waited with these buildings that devalued over the chapters because of the promise to be able to upgrade buildings, and they did devalue because the upgrading promise was so incredibly slow on delivery. I calculated goals for what to upgrade based on how many chapters and the statistics on the pieces for value. And I did upgrade some of these awesome pieces that I had either worked very hard for (winning the FA) or paid for.

Then, the very next events they just added these valuable pieces to the dailies. I couldn't believe, and in the meantime, they talk about preserving the revenue stream. Well, what exactly have people who have spent money paid for? Truly, with how they slaughtered that one they irreversibly killed revenue. Who is going to pay diamonds to upgrade building that they just give away later?

I believe they are devaluing the upgrading of event buildings relative to game upgrades with the new chapters.

Yes, so anything else they come out with by comparison is costly to how well you play the game, like the spire or tournament, because they are crap by comparison. It is getting close to a year since I've spent anything on the game and what had I spent money on? Piece they later just gave away, and upgrading those pieces I could have gotten free in a later event. I don't see how they could do better at slaughtering their revenue then by destroying any value investment for in-game purchases. So then the revenue stream become impatient/gambling spending, racing through the chapter, beating your neighbor...

But then the bigger thing they did is they created little interest in the rest of the game pieces, at least for the experienced player.

There are only 4 new ones and all are mediocre and not worth using compared to other ones around, for mana better get burning pool than lava egg, for seeds nothing compares to festival merchants, for population it's waste of space, better wait for Venar's Rocks III or if you don't have winter stars/fathers of candy canes, try to get igloo festival from academy crafting chests.

Rest is copycat from last phoenix. I don't know who is responsible for these events but i agree with opinions from live forums, that this person might be hired by rival company to do what is done here. I just stop expecting anything and continue with base game. Chapter 16 please come soon.

Read above... That can be the goal, but the understanding and implementation does not compute with the decisions made and it a farce to suggest profitability, long term vision and balancing issues were considered at all when master level, rare, covet game pieces were released as dailies.

As a player we have the luxury of not having to think about other factors or stakeholders than just our own game (and possibly that of our Fellowship members). We don't have to worry about things that are important for the company, like profitability, long term vision for the game, balancing issues for all current and future chapters et cetera. So feedback is just one of the factors of which such an entire decision consists. It's very valuable for us, since (especially on Beta), it's how experienced and often well advanced players who are top players or big FS leaders on their Live servers perceive things and it definitely helps us pinpoint the direction in which we should focus for any changes, but as a company we do always have to track data and compare the feedback with all the other things that are important to keep in mind when releasing an event/feature/chapter.
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Well, I think the major problem with this event is that is very stingy: I finished the quests yesterday, I have 4 artifacts, won more then 1000 thingies in the chests, and I have left 2769. So assuming I get 700 more from the daily quests and the dropouts in the city that's around 3500 thingies. At around 25 per feather that's 140 feathers 3 more artifacts with luck 4 artifacts. I know we will get 2 more next adventures but is a bit stingy


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Main problem with this event in my opinion is that people are lost in what to do with artifacts.

1. Almost no one who spoke on other forums plans to put coldfire in city because it's pointless to put 1615 pop building to waste 4x4 space
2. People are not certain which other phoenix to put after fire one - storm or aureate
3. People are not certain if they won't add "artifact trader" with 1:1 ratio later, if they trade artifacts now they might lose a lot
4. People are not certain if they shouldn't keep all artifacts for another year in case they add "OP OMG phoenix" in 2021 with same option to trade artifacts from 2019/2020 for 2021 ones.

I myself don't know what to do because we don't know what they plan for future, i would really prefer for them to just delete this coldfire thing and add normal phoenix artifacts to allow us to level up other phoenixes, instead of having to choose between wasting on coldfire, trading 2 per 1 for old artifacts and worrying about possible disadvantage in future, or keeping it for another 12 months, possibly for no reason.

As i asked around, many players have planned to keep all artifacts for future because they don't know if they won't be in disadvantage in 2021 if they use them now on coldfire, storm or aureate phoenixes.

One big chaos. Set buildings were not that problematic.

Well, I think the major problem with this event is that is very stingy: I finished the quests yesterday, I have 4 artifacts, won more then 1000 thingies in the chests, and I have left 2769. So assuming I get 700 more from the daily quests and the dropouts in the city that's around 3500 thingies. At around 25 per feather that's 140 feathers 3 more artifacts with luck 4 artifacts. I know we will get 2 more next adventures but is a bit stingy

It depends what do you want to do Palmira. Events with finite questline are predicted to give in between 6-8 artifacts.
It would be much better with 20 currency per bonus quest, as it was in winter event, but what can we do about it? It's not very rewarding event, but we pay for wishing wells and events of the past.

Do you plan to put coldfire in the city? Then 7 artifacts is just right.
Do you plan to level up other phoenixes? It depends then how much old artifacts you already have.
I have 3 old in inventory, need 3 from quests and 3 from trade to upgrade 2nd of old phoenixes to level 10.
Question is - is it a good choice to do? As i said, who knows what they will do in 2021? Maybe artifacts would then come in handy? Too much chaos

In past when there were set buildings it was easier - you waited for x2 days - you've got main set - you were satisfied.
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Well, it looks like it was intended to allow the players to win 6-7 artifacts from the event and 2 from the upcoming FA.
As for the missing artifacts, again, it does looks like we are expected to either pay, or wait for a future chance to get those for free

No idea. I'm looking for information in regard


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At least you can wish upon a star to buy carnival platforms for diamonds in the middle of the phoenix event.
1 per city.

Offer us tower of the winter king or old set buildings like kirit and maybe i'll consider ^^

This option might be in handy for additional Venar's Rocks III.
Of course if they add it to Summer Solstice event as they did before.



I like the idea, to bring back old buildings for diamonds.

I feel like it's pretty much an alternative to the normal diamond cultural buildings, like Snail. From a glance, the prices seems in line with the normal cultural buildings.

I find it hard, to follow your narration, as you don't name the buildings.
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As far as I have experiences with ususal costs of valuable items in this game, I won't wait for any unique building to become available this way. (Still can't get costs of black friday artifacts out of my head)


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As far as I have experiences with ususal costs of valuable items in this game, I won't wait for any unique building to become available this way. (Still can't get costs of black friday artifacts out of my head)

They literally made each pack cost like 1/5 of monthly salary in my country. It was disgusting from our perspective that they didn't adjust prizes to the servers and economy situation. But it's like that everytime, that's why on our live top20 are mainly rich-emigrants working in richer countries. But there's no way to avoid it in the open world. That's why some F2p players really hyped themselves up for phoenix (who previously didn't disappoint) after last weak 2 events, only for their hype to pop like a baloon.

Still remember speculations about jade phoenix and +% army health effect speculations.

We've got phoenix with halved pop/cult for new players, i plan to upgrade storm one instead ^^
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