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Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the full announcement for this year's Phoenix event here and let us know what you think about it!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


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Are we having finite quest line again? If so, I might enjoy this event again.. :)

Coldfire phoenix feeding effect related - if we get X KPs per finish scouting, during 24 hours what is the duration of the effect, doesn´t that mean advanced players, with significantly longer scouting times, are in disadvantage?


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Sentient goods! Thank you thank you thank you! I still have members in my live city trying to wrestle their way through Chapter 15. The Beta city and my resurrected old city's fellowships as well.

Lovec Krys

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Well, first impression:
+ for old phoenix artefacts

Those unit instants might be usefull for some players, however, I suppose it's like 1 or 2 sqads only, so for everyone with brown bear, it's nothing. If it contained 50 squads, it would have been interesting.

The new Phoenix:
Is that production for 24h or 48h cycle?
For 24h: Prety weak production, I make more with my lv 24 Marble factory (9h production). You should double it, so it would become interesting for us with expired goods. 2KP is very low production for 4x4 building.
For 48h: Seriously? That production can't even be considered as a bonus. And 2KP at max lv = 1KP / day for 4x4 building...

14KP for scouting ... are you kidding me? My scouting on beta takes 43h (on live over 75h), 1 pet food is much more worth than just 14KP. And players with low scouting time doesn't have enough pet foods for that (or even relics for CC creation).

It seems that every new evo building is weaker than the previous (with exception for bears). In economical terms it would mean very deep depression close to the total economical colapse.
Do you want to make more players to loose interest in playing events at all?

Finite quest line:
Is it like in the Valentine? (=unless very lucky, you couldn't fully evolve your building)?
If so, I suppose next FA will be even harder?

ps: @Maillie Few T4 won't help you to go through chapter 15.

ps2: The only good thing with weaker rewards is that it makes my advantage over newer players bigger.
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I am really impressed by this event and although the evolving building won't probably not be found in my city as I don't need its feature I am looking forward to the 3 Artefacts for the old birds and I already love the troup instants.
By the way, I am confused by the vocabulary in the event. Here is written that per instant one gets 1 platoon. I know Troups and squads. What or how much is 1 platoon?


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for stage 10 in chapter 15 we get 4500 T4 for 4x4 building, 1 single manufactory lvl31 (from chapter15) produce 6000 T4 in 3h (without ancient wonders and MM spell)
single tree gum produce around 1k T4 in 1 day and its 1x1 building, 16 tree gums in 2 days produce up to 32k T4

4500 T4 is not even enough to cover decaying over 2 days

this numbers are wayyyy off and should be looked at or removed and boosted other stats


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unit instants replaced time instants so for some players it wont be so nice, atleast for pacifists
but thats the only way how to rebalance whole time instants economy and returning of endless quests with proper endless rewards, at least i hope so that would be the case in the future


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@Dony No it won't be even for fighters. You can't choose which units to produce with those instants. And I bet, you could produce more troops with the time instants (especialy with brown bears in process) than you get with troop instats.

A building some have and others don't is nog a good reason to balance against. You balance a game against the average player not against a few powergamers. This would hurt the average player


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second grand price is aw20, seriously??
Concerning feeding effect, I suppose that must be active at the end of exploration, not necessarily at the start..


I think the production must be 48 hours because on mine it gives me 316k coins with 6600 per hour


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Have to lead it again and again and again to see more details of the wonderful image. ;-)