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Battle [Forwarded] Ability to shrink/close 'round info' in battles


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Current system: http://prntscr.com/62qgzi

Proposed: Have a button that shrinks this whole bar so that the bottom/edges of the battlefield are clearly visible. As an example in Forge of Empires there is a social bar at the bottom of the screen displaying other players and players have the ability to minimize it to a single line or open it whole.

Reasoning: Sometimes I don't have a lot of use of that bar or it's in my way, making it hard to see/click the units directly below it. See linked screenshot as an example.


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I had difficulties maneuvering troops (move/attack) if they are located on hex-tile at the bottom of the screen.


by accident clicked on the small "skip turn" button. My unit was slaughtered :eek:


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+1 or atleast fix the fact that we cant see the number of troops in a stack when you're standing at the bottom row :)


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Thanks for bringing this idea back to my attention! I've forwarded the idea: it doesn't make sense that the squads on the lowest row of the battlefield don't have a visible squad size and are hard to move. These issues could be solved with a shrink/close button for the information bar.

It could be that these issues with the squads on the lowest row of the battlefield only occur with a 1366 x 768 screen resolution. If you are experiencing the issues with a screen resolution other than 1366 x 768, please state your screen resolution in this thread. :)