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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


King of Bugs
Inno wont give any announcement on 89th page, just follow official announcement thread for any news regarding next FA, if its not there, it wont happen. They never give heads up regarding any event upfront unless its in announcement section so asking when it will happen is just waste of your time

Enevhar Aldarion

Active Member
Okay granted. But we were expecting FA on Beta since last week so this question is for Inno themselves not anyone in the game.
Why were you expecting one? There was not a FA after the May event to give people extra artifacts for the Tree, but that was so easy, no one should have needed a FA just for that. And Air Traders did not have anything that would be helped from being part of the FA prizes. So we are into a new pattern for now with events and that means a new pattern for when we get FAs. I am glad we did not get another one after either of the past two events, even though one could still happen on Monday, because something will start next week. We just don't know what yet.

Enevhar Aldarion

Active Member
@Enevhar Aldarion
Normally a FA starts after an event with an evolving building. In this case (i think) we will have a next event before a FA will start
Yes, for over a year now that has been the pattern. But Inno obviously decided to change that pattern because we did not get a FA after the May event with the evolving building. Now they are starting a new pattern that we all will have to learn and adapt to. They could give us a FA next week, just with no artifacts as part of the prizes or they could save the next FA until after the July event. If that happens, we won't see that FA until the beginning of August. I do remember there was one FA last year where we got artifacts from two evolving buildings because one other time we got two buildings in a row without a FA in between. So the August FA could do that again and give us both May and July artifacts as prizes.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Hi guys,

Just to give a bit of an "answer" although it's not much: When we have a new FA upcoming, we will indeed let you know through our Announcements forum section. At the moment we have nothing to share yet about an upcoming FA round.
Thanks Marindor. Thats exactly why I asked it here. Support would have referred me to this route anyway. So no new FA. I prepared for one just in case. I dont see why there has to be an evolving building just to have an FA since its about team work after all.
In that case you should not use the forum but support,
This is not a Q&A forum for players to inno-game but an open communication platform.
wrong. Its a place for ideas as support tells me. If you have suggestions it comes here but the problem is, the suggestions are not filtered to Inno it seems :(