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Discussion Fellowship Adventures



This is from the last several hours. Names covered for privacy and I double checked the rules to make sure this was allowed. It is.
We’ve been saying that INNO and the Elvenar development team have been pushing us players too far this year.

You’d think they’d want to appease their players, not push them away.
Hope my family and friends will understand that I can’t be with them this weekend for the holidays, because INNO needs my time and money instead. *sarcasm*
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What kills me is that there are 172 pages of posts, but so few comments from Inno.
You know what? Our FS has long since decided that doing just 1 path on each map is fine. The 'rewards' for higher ranking are just not worth the effort and aggrevation anyway.
And please, can we have at least some time in the game without events of whatever kind anyway? When the game started there were no events. Fine, events were added and they were a fun addition, but as usual, INNO chose to make a 180 degree turn and now it's event after event after event. Please put at least 2 weeks or so without them in between.

It was supposed to be a bit of a city-building game. Now it has more and more become a 'harvest the resources-then hop from event to event' game.

At this point I'm almost wishing one could at the start of an event chose to opt-out for that event and not be bothered by the quests and crap to be picked up. And then not be bothered by all the crappy 'event deals' messages either.


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I think you might have been better off using the link button, with a spoiler alert that the link would take folks to Facebook.

Is anyone planning to build a new graphics map?
And do Elvenar's Developers have any notion of what we, the game leaders, will be doing over the next few weeks thanks to their decision to release a new version of FA now?


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My problem with the FA that lot of badges are stuck and people can't get them in because of time constraints. I would prefer if they would make a team badge storage where people can put stuff so nothing gets wasted. The interface could be as a harvest storage or whatever, but it's stressful and wasteful. Servers are dying when people try to put those badges in the whirlpool and it's just so disappointing.


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One badge type.
Made by completing a variety of tasks like the Seasons Dreams Daily Quests.
One badge that can be inserted by a player or by storage, on ANY Unlocked spot, set by the Fellowship Arch+Mages OR the path is locked or unlocked by Fellowship Arch+Mages.

It really doesn't need to be more complicated than that for 6 days, for three maps, 1200 badges and 2 artifacts.
Otherwise, there should be an artifact granted on every tri-colored spot.
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make it easier for people who are color blind to know which path is which color especially if your team is jumping paths or dots. Like TomatoeHu says: Fix the colors! Do we can the left path, Orange or Yellow?
Why don't the INNO-developers make the way points of the different routes into different shapes, like e.g. triangles, squares and circles? Than colors won't make a blind difference! (pun intended)...;)

Dorfl the Clay

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Disclaimer that there’s no need for anyone to jump on here and say, “you can just skip it if you don’t want to play this round.”…because no, you can’t. No one wants to let their fellowship down.
Of course you can skip it.. it is a conscious choice to either do or not do it... but maybe the better strategy would be to collectively refuse to play this FA?


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I like to play, but giving us another event now - just before Christmas - is just too much of a good thing. It would have been enough if the events had started again in mid-January.

At the moment I still have a small town and
I'm with Seasons of Dreams
daily quests plus
Loop quest that popped up on me again
World Card Tournament
employed and busy.

I treat the Cauldron with disrespect - it's much too expensive for me. I'll check it out when I'm in chapter 7 or 8 or something.

We can't serve Seasons of Dreams - our petals are falling off - is that really what we wanted?

Almost all of us still have families - maybe we should all only play one way per map.

Maybe that would be a sign to the game creators and those responsible.


Of course you can skip it.. it is a conscious choice to either do or not do it... but maybe the better strategy would be to collectively refuse to play this FA?

Haha, I *knew* someone was going to say it! ;)

This is a difficult consensus to come to, as an archmage, why would I try to deny the members in my group the chance to gain some winter artifacts they may have missed?
We absolutely are not happy that we have to deal with a yet another janky Adventure, and during the holiday season to boot....but I will not take away the chance for artifacts from my friends and co-members.
It's really awful and down right disrespectful that the devs have decided to start these adventures in December instead of January.
The in-house and development team(s) have lost their minds lately.
and we're all starting to see what is happening:
This is the very first time we're going to get a fellowship adventure during winter holidays, and I don't think it's a coincidence right now that Marindor is no more here.

:( :( :( :(


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A FA at the beginning of January it is not possible ... There is a new event that begins: Steam Golem... It may even start before.. (during the Holidays ?)

Lovec Krys

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This is the very first time we're going to get a fellowship adventure during winter holidays
Depends how you define winter holidays.
Because Christmass starts on Saturday 24th and FA finishes in the middle of that week - during a common working day (all non-weekend days until friday 23th are working days, so not sure what holidays are you talking about).