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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


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A better quantity for the bracelet badge would be equivalent to however many goods you'd get from perhaps 2x 9hr productions in a maxxed-out boosted manufactory. This would mean it would be of a similar difficulty and time requirement as the old version of the bracelet badge. For my city this would bring the requirement down from 40k to about 10k.

Currently, I can produce at best 1 bracelet per day using spell boosts, with no real way to increase this without using a stupid amount of time boosts. For how many we need, this is not reasonable. Dropping the quantity to about 10k, or including other tiers of goods would be a reasonable fix to this problem.

Likewise, the Residue badge's requirements are far too high. I'm only going to collect my first at the end of today, even though I've had a near-constant production of recipes. I just haven't been spending my limited supply of CC spells on junk recipes, and only used a small amount of time instants. This is not a bad rate of production, so the fact that I am yet to get even 1 Residue badge should show it's asking for too much. A better option would just be to ask for us to produce a certain amount of recipes, perhaps 2? Then there's a limit to how long it will take, and it won't pressure us into wasting CC spells on junk.


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I am very disappointed by what I'm seeing so far. In what world can you gather 35 Bracelets for one waypoint if most people are producing only one per day? And why so many badges in the Pit?

I am a huge fan of the FA and with finishing the last chapters turning into one of the slowest experiences known to man, it is one of the only things I still enjoy about the game. My FS that regularly finishes first on one of the live worlds will struggle to even make it to the Pit with this new model. It is unclear what the motivation would be to turn something that was vibey and exciting into a slow slog of 24h badges and waiting forever for decent recipes to appear in the MA. Nobody is excited and so far nobody is having any fun either.

Much as some people will take part in the FA regardless of how good the prizes are, there is also a point where you need to consider that people have been complaining about the mediocrity of them for years now. What inspires people to take part if there is no decent reward at the end? And FYI not everybody is drooling about artefacts for the latest event building either.

People are always disdainful about cities with hundreds of small factories and how unfair it is to people who don't have space. These new badges have not changed that. All that happened is that they are now all marble factories and indeed we now have more because of the smaller size of these. No win there.

The badges read like someone briefly looked at the old ones and made a few superficial changes. They then took the least popular event quests and slapped them onto the end for good measure. With no thought of how practical any of this is or how it will affect those FSs that really enjoy the FA. Is that really the best we can expect?


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For my part, me being finishing dwarves level and having 40 workshops and 20 not maxed steel factories on live server, and being on chapter IV on beta, it is with regret that I say that if FA is staying with those “improvements”, it is probably the last one I will play. I loved the team work, even if the prizes are mainly worthless, but now I dislike it.
I don’t know which result INNO wanted in the first place, but if they wanted enthusiastic reaction, this is a failure.

Enevhar Aldarion

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I am in chapter 7 and I would need 7 maxed planks factories, boosted with MMs, to complete one bracelet needing 17,800 goods in 6 hours. If I had room for 7, maybe I would have them, but I only have 4, and they are not quite maxed yet, so it is 12 hours to make one bracelet.


The FA has been one of my very favorite aspects of game play for many moons now. I have tried to hold my thoughts to myself within my fellowship, and for the most part I will until this is over. I do not feel the same enthusiasm for this new FA. It feels so slow and looking down the paths I just don't see how the bracelets and Arcane residue can stay in the event and leave any of us feeling up to encouraging our live world fellowships that it's fun.
Fingers crossed you will adjust this version before it gets that far.


There are some waypoints which asked an exorbitant number of badges, in my opinion, compared to other waypoints on the same map.
These really seems too much:
3rd & 5th blue waypoint on map 2: 24x Blacksmiths​
4th orange waypoint on map 2: 39x Wonder Society​
Average numbers of badge on map 2 is ~10.5 so 24 & 39 seems excessive
1st & 2nd blue waypoint on map 3: 64x Blacksmiths​
5th blue waypoint on map 3: 69x Elegant Statues​
7th green waypoint on map 3: 69x Wonder Society​
5th orange waypoint on map 3: 69x Enchanted Tiara​
8th orange waypoint on map 3: 69x Ghost in a Bottle​
Average numbers of badge on map 3 is ~27.7 so 64 & 69 seems excessive

In previous FA's the difference between required badges wasn't this big.

Enevhar Aldarion

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There are some waypoints which asked an exorbitant number of badges, in my opinion, compared to other waypoints on the same map.

In previous FA's the difference between required badges wasn't this big.

Yes, the three paths are always supposed to be sort of "easy, medium, and hard", so there is always one path on each stage that an average fellowship can easily complete for the prizes. The other paths are always supposed to be harder, in order to give the more focused or hardcore fellowships a challenge. Sometimes Inno does not get the balance for this quite right, though. But all three paths on a stage have never been equal in difficulty.


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So it's been 24 hours and I'm still working on a single first bracelet badge!! I have part of the opening stage for map1 open, I have to say this doesn't bode well for any small fellowships.
today I started to upgrade my t1-manufacturies to the highest level of the current chapter. It is recommendable because it makes thing easier. ;)


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So, a couple days in now and there is definitely balancing issues with badges. So the badges and how many needed to do all paths

  1. Brew - 50 beverages (184)
  2. Carpenter - 10 advanced tools (156)
  3. Farmer - *10 baskets of groceries (162)
  4. Blacksmith - 5 toolboxes (336)
  5. Golden bracelet - large amount of marble, steel and/or planks (157)
  6. diamond necklace - *any 1 day t1 x 3 (161)
  7. statue - *any 2 day t1 x 2 (181)
  8. witch hat - *collect any 2 EE, PoP, MM, IM (155)
  9. Staff - 1 x CC (157)
  10. Wonder - 10kp into AW (330)
  11. guard - large number of units (148)
  12. coin - large amount of coin (159)
  13. residue - 15 VV (170)
  14. elemental - 10 relics (166)
  15. tiara - use 3 spells (183)
  16. ghost - solve 4 spire or tournament encounters (178)

So, the first 4 there is huge power over production by the amount of space allocated for level 1 workshops.

The BS requirements may be on the high side. With the road included, each workshop takes 5 squares. So, 5 squares/WS x 5 WS/badge x 336 badges/6 days/25 players would be an average of 56 squares per player needed for just BS.

For the farmers you can run 2 sets per day, so 5 squares/WS x 10 WS/badge x 162 badges/2 sets/day/6 days/25 players for 27 squares per player. So the designated resources for BS is in the range of double what's needed for the farmers. And there is another 6 hours per day that workshops for farmers could be making brews or carpenters.

The number of carpenters needed is about the same as the number of farmers, but they take 1/3rd the time to make, so 9 squares per player is a reasonable estimate.

Brew are easy to slip in and they are very cheap to make. The set of workshops that can make a carpenter in 3 hours can make about 6 Brews. What limits brews is players don't like making them.

The Bracelet is now made from t1 and the relative requires vary somewhat by chapter, relic boost, Mountain hall level. My chapter 10 requirement is 37k of t1. T1 set buildings count, but collection via AW for chests (crystal lighthouse), and purchase through the wholesaler do not count. My marble production is 2378 for a 3 hour production, for 15.6 collections. So, with 8 manufacturers, and 6 collections in a day, I could make 3 badges per day. The workshop is 18 squares, and corrected to include road requirements is 19.5 squares each, so, 19.5x8 is 156 squares, so you are looking at about 52 squares per badge per day. On 3 hour collections 8 manufacturers can make 3 per day, on 9 hour collection it is more like 2 per day. In my live game I only have 3 t1 manufacturers, so I'm going to assume I will have about 1/3rd the badge making ability there. The space requirement to increase bracelet production is huge. MM spells can increase the badge count, but 8 MM x 6 days is 48 MM. If mass numbers of players increase their t1, put t2 and t3 away to make more room for t1 it will cause an imbalance to goods. This badge would be better as simply requiring any goods, and including chest collections and the ability to use the wholesaler. On balance, the goods requirement for this badge is on the high side.

The requirements to make necklaces and statues went down a little and the flexibility was improved. This is a good change.

The removal of collecting a silly 100 goods for the witch hat is an excellent change and reduces annoying clicking to get out of the map and into the city where you can access the trader, to then go back to the map. This was an awful badge to collect and now doing 2 provinces in a row after province 9 on level 1 and 4 gives this badge, and there is also 1.5 badges possible for province 1 to 9 on each level, so 9 badges. There is some flexibility in that you can also make badges with the MA. The FA requirement of 155 badges is just over 6 each. A player that does 20 provinces to level 5 and the first 9 to level 6 will be able to make 20 badges.

The staff seems an easy badge to acquire at 1 CC, but it really depends on what the MA is used to make. It is good that you also get this badge from CC from the spire and the libraries, especially since some players rely on only those sources.

Wonder, guard and coin badges seem abundant, although, for a competitive FA they may be limiting.

Residue is a difficult badge. Right now my MA has choices of 5, 7, 8, 7, and 2 VV where one uses broken runes and the rest use 9 CC. The 8 VV is a portal profit and wastes 4 CC. You must use time instants to get more than one recipe. So with a fully leveled MA, and checking all 4 choices, you might get 2 badges per day, and you must use time instances to increase that. At a rate of making 2 residue per day you will probably use all of the CC you can make, so the resource to make this badge are highly limited and is likely where FA will crash in the pit with the highly competing FS. This badge would be better if it was one recipe, or 5-8 VV.

Elemental marbles will give one for every 3 tournament provinces past province 9, and every 2 provinces from level 4 or 5 where you get 5 relics/province. A player that plays 20 provinces can get 5 from level 1, 6 from level 2, 6 from level 3, 7 from level 4, and 8 from level 5, and 3 from level 6 just doing the first 9 provinces, so about 35 for a player that plays 20 provinces. If a player only does 10 provinces they could get about 16 badges.

The tiara is using 3 spells and if a player has 6 workshops and 6 marble and polished all, they would get 4 badges/day, for about 24 for the event, and then EE and IM and other manufacturers could also be polished.

A player that plays to the laboratory in the spire and does 20 provinces in the tournament could get 38 badges. At 10 provinces they would get 23 badges.

So, as it stands the way the badges are not balanced, a competitive FA would likely be a battle between who can produce the most VV, and it will result in huge supplies of t1 because of rearrangement to have more t1 and less of the other grades of goods.


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So, as it stands the way the badges are not balanced, a competitive FA would likely be a battle between who can produce the most VV, and it will result in huge supplies of t1 because of rearrangement to have more t1 and less of the other grades of goods.
Badges were never balanced based on the numbers you could produce in FAs though. I think they are now more balanced than before because they've reduced the number of blacksmiths need compared to others, and made the Farmers twice as difficult to get.

In the last FA 420 Blacksmiths were required compared to 88 breweries.

Where there is (in my opinion) an extreme balancing problem is just with the Bracelets and Arcane Residues, as everyone is saying. Those two are putting an effective hard cap on FA progress, short of people spending big numbers of diamonds or time instants. It's the same for everyone, but my big problem with this is that it removes the majority of the strategy from the FA. It is now easy, and requires no thought, for a team to produce enough of the manufacturing or workshop badges to keep up with the Bracelet and Residue number. So it all just comes down to which teams have the most CCs and time instants saved up, or who are prepared to spend the most diamonds.