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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


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Being a maniac for the FA, I thought I'd officially add my 2 cents worth:

From what I have so far, there are some good changes and a few not so good changes and a couple of impossibilities. First off, thank you for the improvements on some of the badges. The ones that concern me the most are as follows,

  • Bracelet badge requirements are far too high such that it will take me more than a day to make just one.
  • Arcane Residue (vapour) badge requirement is too high unless I produce recipes for items that I don't need which is wasteful.
  • Ghost in a Bottle (spire/tournament) badge requirement is not doable for me as far as the spire is concerned; and tournaments will not last long enough to produce badges since it just begins on Tuesdays and only part of Saturdays.
  • Elemental Marbles (10 relics) badges will be doable as long as the tournament is running; unlikely doable if clearing provinces is required; and I agree the name is confusing.
  • Enchanted Tiara badges will quickly drain supplies of enchantments and will be a waste if I don't feel there is a need to use them during FA.
  • Last but not least: Rewards....please do much, much better. Our efforts are worth it.
Now I realize somethings have been updated and I say respectfully, thank you for that.

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The change to farmer badges (increased from 5x groceries to 10x groceries) makes them at least as difficult and time consuming as blacksmith badges.
Not quite. A Farmer uses 40 squares and takes 9 hours. Let's call that 360 "square hours". A Blacksmith uses 20 squares and takes 24 hours so that's 480 square hours.

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I hoped you exchange the moonbear artefact fo phoenix artefact

Empress Dee

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Honestly, there is a real debate in the real-worlds that I'm in about whether we are going to even participate in the event.
The prizes aren't very good, and for those of us that will hit 10 hats in the Misty event, the prizes are pretty useless. (Definitely not worth wasting CCs.)
Making it that much harder to do will cause a lot more fellowships to skip it.


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I recommend renaming the Elemental Marbles badge. When people are discussing this badge it's inevitably going to get abbreviated to Marbles, which is easily confused with the tier1 good marble. This will result in confusion, and time wasted on clarifying things. We don't want to have to use the full name every time we discuss it. I suggest something like Elemental Baubles. Similar concept, so won't need any art changes.

Totally agree on this one. Using "marbles" in the name of the badge creates a lot of confusion. When I read it all I think about is marble manufacturers.

Maybe it would be a good idea to change the Residue badge from 15VV to craft a recipe? (or at least lower the amount of VV required if that change is too complicated).
That is an excellent idea. It is probably easier to change the amount of VV for a badge, but just completing x number of recipes is a way better idea.


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The staff requires 1 CC and residue 15 VV which will use 7-8 CC. Sometimes the CC comes in groups of 3, but overall the requirements as specified means that it is about 7 times more difficult to get the residue as compared to the staff.


Are they trying to penalise larger cities and those in later chapters? It takes forever to earn coin badges now that I'm in Sorcerers and Dragons and to make a golden bracelet. It shouldn't require harvesting from 4 x level 17 or greater boosted with the spells on plus 3 hour productions x two to earn sufficient plus four sets of tier 1 nonboosted planks and marble to earn 1 bracelet. That is ridiculous! Meanwhile my counterparts at chapter 3 are earning 2 to 4 badges in the same amount of time with fewer resources. How is that even fair?

Enevhar Aldarion

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The staff requires 1 CC and residue 15 VV which will use 7-8 CC. Sometimes the CC comes in groups of 3, but overall the requirements as specified means that it is about 7 times more difficult to get the residue as compared to the staff.

Plus like with other enchantments, you don't even have to make the CC to make the badge. I got CC from a Spire chest and it completed the badge. Too bad there is not another source for VV.


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to sum up : 2 things need to be addressed before going live (or asap ): divide par 2 quantities for bracelet and replace gain 15 vv by craft 1 or 2 item in MA

other idea to reduce field of small workshop , replace farmer or carpenter by produce a quantity of tools ... (as for bracelets)
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I would like to see two badges adjusted: bracelet and arcane residu.
Bracelet is the right idea, but the amount is wrong. If the requested amount of T1 is divided by 2 I think it is allright for most players. Alternative (and this one I like better) is to ask for the amount like it is now but for any goods.
Arcane residu is also the right idea, but the amount is also to much. The requested amount should be max 10 and then most players should be allright. Alternative ask for 1 recipe completed.


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The changes have made the FA much more difficult for your average player...sure you're going to sell more diamonds to the Die-Hards but with such small rewards at the end of each path I believe a lot of players will just stop playing the adventures because the effort required is far greater than the rewards received. It's either that or seriously weaken your resources, stunting your growth and keeping you in the same place on the tech tree for much much longer...unless of course that was the idea...in which case the changes are a success :rolleyes:


Difficult, we need to adapt, except for bracelet, it is possible a bug (or Inno want FA to group beginner player ?), the time to finish FA will be divided and it takes low place => i like that. We can hope a better alternative for Arcane Residue, hope that Inno does not change as altenative : Scout 1 times !! :evil:. But sure the guild will win the ranking is the guild with more diamonds (if the pit is ordered and/or keeped requirements).

But the motivation is very low because there is no reward, people has already 9 artefacts from the previous event, can you add Venar III or WW as reward ?