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Discussion Elvarian Carnival

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Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the announcement for this year's Carnival Event here and let us know your thoughts!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
First impressions:
+ Old chest system
- less time instats in chests (fortunately we have FS Spire for them now)
+ better chance to get daily rewards
- Main prize is again garbage. If you don't want to increase it's other bonuses, then just change the pop/cult bonus ratio it provides. 2:1 in favor of culture is horrible ratio for pop/cult hybrids, should be 1:1 or the oposite (then it would be interesting for more players)

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
+1 for getting back the daily quests, this will by appreciated by many players.

I already got first quest for fragments - time to get rid of all the small garbage from winter event.

It seems that pop/cult dailies follows typical carnival pattern of high culture, low population, so nothing interesting in this area for all who have pop/cult hybrids from winter event. They will just wait for next event with Venars (if they'll be in new chapter then).
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Garbage main prize despite pleads to change bonuses.
Not interesting pop/cult side prizes.
Overall 3/10 +1 for changing to old system.
There should be more pop less culture in buildings.

Graphic - 2/10, total copy of 2019 carnival.
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A lot nicer than the previous one, but far too soon imho.


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Thank you for not bringing back the Shuffle horror. If you ever do return that nasty thing, please remove the trash first. No one wants to work to collect things to be "rewarded" with 1 kp, or any other filler prize. It might have been fun to create, but it certainly wasn't fun to play.

Loki Blue

Well-Known Member
Thank you for going back to the old mechanic, it's nice to see it again.

Thank you also for the new tree! I'm just starting Halflings, so it will be nice to get this done before I start laying down buildings.

Cheers. :D


Well-Known Member
I like it so far :) the old good system is back, main prize is good and look beautiful. Morover, my city here on beta needs some fresch pop-culture! Lets see how it will feel in few days :)

Actually, after Elvenar chapter and Termal spring, I am focusing more on houses and I suddenly need more culture, so I am perfectly all right with this pop-culture :)

MinMax Gamer

Well-Known Member
No one wants to work to collect things to be "rewarded" with 1 kp, or any other filler prize.
You may want to temper you enthusiasm. Chests were nerfed, so Sea Green chest (with a hefty price of 41) will now reward you with - you guessed it - the grand total of 1 KP, at 40% probability.

Because previous 3 KP was clearly excessive. Smh...
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