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Discussion Elvarian Carnival 2021


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the announcement of this year's Carnival event here and let us know your thoughts!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


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Is the information about the ending scheduled to 2nd March correct? In-game duration seems to be shorter (what I also hope for)..


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A new event and suddenly there are all sorts of peculiar icons hovering over all the buildings in my city. They don’t seem to have anything to do with the event either
And I had a dog poo icon over my scare carriage !?


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I think that the evolving building is both underwhelming and ugly (sorry, art department). For the second reason alone I wouldn't build it in my main city. I do like the pay-out of coins so I would consider it for Beta, though I've about stabilised my coin situation now so I'm still not convinced I would bother.

For Beta I'm just hoping for some good mana producing dailies. For Live, well it's just my usual wait and see whether a building so amazing looking appears that I will need it.


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You are welcome to share our event note with friends and fellowship!
Please feel free to make suggestions and point out errors.


Lovec Krys

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There is an incorrect quest text (Q16):

ps: Seriously?:
Q12 2x T1 3h, Q13 4x T1 3h
Q15 4x9h, Q16 3x9h
Q8 & 13 copy paste (same)

ps2: Same(incorrect quest text) goes for Q19:


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@Muf-Muf or @Marindor
It seems something is not correctly scheduled.
From the italian blog, I understood that the daily missions are 23. If this is correct, we have at least a very short time to complete the last one, as the official countdown reads 22 days left.
If this is the real situation, maybe I suggest to switch the first daily mission to the first series of quests (like it has been during the last event).


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is this buildings giving Planks to everybody or is our T1 boosted?
sledge evolving bldg.jpg

I hope isn't Planks for everybody or we will have the same problem like with Scrolls from Moonstone Library.

Enevhar Aldarion

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Everyone should pay attention to the chest contents until we can get an updated list, as there are some new prizes and they look like they could be based on your chapter? I am in chapter 9 and one chest had 2349 elixir as a prize and another chest has 939 orcs as a prize.
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Yeah, they liked the idea of chapter specific prizes in random chests they introduced with phoenix version of spire and started using it in events.
Current event has T2+2, T4+1 and orcs in chests. You got elixir because you have not researched T4 yet.
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First 12 Quests are identical with those from Event: "The Mystery of the Misty Forest", all others, too? 75 Quests in total.


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anyone got the everblossom building beyond halflings ? wondering whether the bonus stops at divine seeds, or whether it goes on to sentient goods.