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Dreamteamer search you :)


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Here are our wishes for the new year :)
We want you!!
If you like to win some rewards in the tournament, join us. In the moment, with 5 active members we have stable 4 crates.
If you like to give help to and get help from your neighbours, join us.
If you like to chat or just to read what the others tell, join us.

That means: Anyway, join us :)
If you are a German speaker, fantastic. If not, we are also able to speak English.

Contact our Archmage cassy63, Macavity64 or me.
Our wishes for you for the upcoming year
A lot of love, luck and health. :)

See you later in the fellowship.


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Now we increased our FA with 11 members now.

I joined this FA about 7 month ago and I can tell you, there is a great help for starters and also for all players.

So, if you want a lively FA, join us.


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Meanwhile we are 15 members and we already had the 6th chest in tournament ;)
That means we have 10 more places left.
Active single players and also small FS are welcome with us.
We become stronger and stronger, so join us :)
Weekly update
We are 19 now and most are quite "small" :) Help comes whenever is needed and as a team we made the 7th chest. Are you active? Are you able to do a 100 tourney points per chapter? Come and join us for the next step, 8th chest :)
We are on the way to 10th chest in near future :)


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yesterday at the evening it was very interesting. We all stick together and really got into top 10 with FA.

We made rank 10,last time with only 5 members we made rank 42, so you see , we are a very busy community.

If you are also a busy member and want to have fun and a great lot of help, dont hesistate, join us.


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ONE place available - 10 . kiste hatten wir grad wieder geschafft :) - if you like tournemant and FA we are join of you