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Creation First Fellowship ^_^ Targaryan House


I like to join too.
Rank 735
Marble 279%
Crystal 291%
Gems 279%
Collect goods every 3 hours


Due to the enormous ingame demand I will set the min score at 20 000 points to join us ^_^


Hi would like to Apoligize for Ingame massive mail that I can't reply to all of you Guys...

I received more than 300 demands to join our Fellowship, and only 25 people can join...Honestly I didnt expect such a Huge demand at all and Was force to choose quickly members.

If you do not have the opportunity to join Us , I'm sorry, doesn't mean you cannot in future who knows :)

It's not easy to make a choice among all of you, I try to be fair...as long as I can.

At the moment Our recrutment Process On the Forum Is CLOSED.

I wish you good luck to other to join other Fellows our create your Own Team !

Good game on Elvenar and ...

Bye Bye