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Creation First Fellowship ^_^ Targaryan House


Hi guys ^ ^,

Seek for Active Beta Players "Human or Elve are very welcome to create our very first community.

Condition to be able to join US :

  • You have already unlock the 3 BONUS and produce Boosted Goods !
  • English will be required in all messages , so you are able to communicate with all players ^_^
  • To register in our fellowship please post your Name and your 3 BONUS HERE if you want to join !

For the Name will be " Targaryen House" ( can be change by group decision later )
For the flag will be the " Dragon"

At the very first main goal will be trading so I will required every players interrested to produce Their boosted goods ! an we will try to help our members at least 3 times per week !

  1. Archimage :Echidna Elve rank #239 boost PLANK - SILK - MAGIC POWDER.

Who's in ?
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We have moved your thread to the Beta 1 section of our forum, as that is the appropriate place to gather members for your Fellowship. Good luck! :)



My name is Corseforever, I usually join every day. I only produce boosted goods, my boosts are :
- planks
- silk
- gems



My name is Bloom
My boosted goods are - Steel - Scrolls - Magic Dust
My rank at the moment is #99


2 New Members ! that A nice Start !

I will contact you Ingame Guys ^_^ i will send you invite Tomorrow when the fellowship system will be update ^_^ feel free to invite friends who have discovered already 3 bonus :)

See You Soon :)


I would like to join :)
Marble, Silk and Gems are my boosted goods, with a production of 2,4k - 3k in 3 hours ;)


A pleasure to have another advanced player who be part of our Fellowship.

Hope other players will join as well and share experience in fight, quests and perhaps Sector strategy , everything will be usefull !

The 24th players register here will be part of our Group , I will try my best to welcome politely and smootly all of you guys in our Clan and make everyone confortable !

We will try to keep a Level of our Group Hight to be a Strong Clan ^_^

Everyone will be free to give is judgement and will work all together to make our Market Extremly Strong I hope ^_^ before Conquer !
If any of you wish be part of management team let me know :)

If you want to contact me Ingame : Pseudo Ingame : Echidna.

Bye Bye !


I'd like to join, too.

My production, calculated on the 24h queue (usually more, since i produce in 9h/3h/9h queues):
Marble 3.166
Crystal 3.755
Elixir 1.903 (i start upgrading to tier 3 production tomorrow).

All with 266% boost atm.


Me too please Thesaff #712
279% planks
254% silk
279% magic dust


29,559 points.
326% on all boosted
Magic Dust

I am on every day with a few tiny exceptions. I collect goods every 3 hours except for sleeping.


I'll join too.

I have planks-337%, scrolls-266%, and magic dust-279% boosted.
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Points: 44033
planks 279% ->3290 /3h
silk 266% -> 2140 /3h
gems 266% ->1839 /3h


I'm Pleased To find new Advence Fellows ! ! !

So to summerize the current Members of the " Targaryen House "

  1. Echidna
  2. Corseforever
  3. Bloom
  4. LordB
  5. Agunsil
  6. Thesaff
  7. Bobbykitty
  8. AaronarTheElfy
  9. Katzenprinz
  10. Denali
  11. Dtfusmc71
  12. ...to 25 Slot are Empty ^_^ Come in Guys !

I will send you guys an invite ingame during the day, and we will Open our first Discution thread to be able to communicate and Optimize Our Trade, it will be good after so long to be able to finaly have an Easier trade System between Fellows !

We are waiting for Still 14 New members :) 3 bonus Are required and your smile ^_^

Bye Bye !
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Thyshae, I hope don't disturb you with this message, but probably I'll be the archmage of the other fellowship (actually I've seen there are 2 but in the future I hope they'll be more and more) and so I want to wish you all good luck and good game! :)
Alessandro ;)


Thanks Alessandro that's sweet ! Good luck in Your Fellowship project too ;)


Hello, i would like to join

Name : Morticia32

marble - 314%
cristal - 291%
elixir - 279%
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I just got off the phone with Liberty and she would like to join this fellowship too! She will send you info when she wakes up. (I woke her up in the middle of the night to ask her to join). She will be a great addition! She has Gems, Silk and Planks. She is ranked 98 overall right now.


Sure I will send an invite to liberty and Morticia32 as well thanks for joining our group will be fun. :)


Gems silk and scrolls or my boosted goods I am ranked 4970 and play daily - I would love to join the fellowship :)