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Discussion Constructs


King of Bugs
It is boring that military power is the only way at higher era to be in the top 10 ! Reduce the cost of catering with higher SS !
i am pretty sure negotiating is much more boring then auto combat or manual combat, you dont even need to use brain, just mindlessly cater all provinces in 10s
T1-T3 is completely useless in later stages of the game, no wonder devs want from players to get rid of it
negotiating can not fail and i would even add that to all negotiators similar to fighting to even it out

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
@Dony It's faster, that's the main advantage.
And I don't agree that T1-3 are useless, you need them to cater. They will be almost useless once catering will be done with expired goods (but then catering will be destroyed by the seed production obstackle).


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I'd like to see a reduction from 4 to 1 tournament encounters. No way am I ever going to do 160 manual fights, but I might do 40...maybe

Lovec Krys

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@Dony Catering is faster than autofighting (less mouse clicks), not mentioning hand fighting.

You cannot fight always. Either there are fights which you loose (especially at 5/6* in harder tournaments), or when you run out of army and want to clear more provinces.
Also sometime it's cheaper to catter than loose 80% of troops (you're close to the point when you can no longer fight).
And I'm not even talking about cities without military wonders, they loose fights much more easily, so they cater more than fight.


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@Lovec Krys
I don't think it's fair to say that you need goods to cater because you might run out of troops, unless you also say that you need troops because you might run out of goods.

As for "unwinnable" fights in the tournament that only happens because of choices you make: with the right troops and wonders you can win any manual fight.

I do agree that catering is so much faster than fighting even autofighting that I find myself doing it even when I have the troops due to laziness. That's why I'd like to see fewer encounters.

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
@SoggyShorts What i meant is something I also do: If I want to clear x provinces in tournament and I run out of army several provinces sooner, then, if I have enough goods, I cater the rest.

If you autofight there are some fights when you loose even using best possible units (usualy at higher count of stars, when enemy has an advantage of numbers).


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Unless the requirement grows when reaching Evolved Workshops 2, you should be fine with just 4

That is what I'd like to know before deleting one. I'm on number 37 now (in live). Thanks anyway :)

Agreed @MiniB, never take it for granted :rolleyes:
though I'm on quest #69 (live as well) and still no sign of specific requirement for additional workshops (beyond the 4 requested in quest #30)

The only quest related to workshops was asking to research Evolved Workshops 2 and to have at least one workshop at level 33
(green checked by default in case of magic workshop at level 14)

But I'll keep you posted if I see anything else on this topic :)

Aquaduct will be 1 quest

I confirm we have to build 1 aqueduct at some point - along with 2 inspiring meditation spells - still working on that one.

@Dony : assuming you got past that one, could you please share the following quests ? ;) Many thanks in advance.


Active Member
You're right @SoggyShorts :p
I thought it was useless now that it is also available from an external source I won't mention ...

So here's the full list :

1.Produce 20 Simple Tools

2.Deliver 20,000 Divine Seeds

3.Train a mighty amount of Units

4.Buy 3 Knowledge Points

5. Collect 8,000,000 Coins

6. Unlock the Port of the Central Island

7. Spend 5 Knowledge Points

8. Collect 10,000 Elixir
Collect 10,000 Magic Dust
Collect 10,000 Gems

9. Have a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 4 or higher

10. Have a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 8 or higher
Gain 8 Relics

11. Have a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 12 or higher
Unlock Advanced Trader 3

12. Upgrade your Trader to level 5
Place 5 Trade Offers
Accept 5 Trade Offers

13. Collect 15,000 Seeds
Collect 20,000 Elixir

14. Have a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 16 or higher
Research Traditional Elixir Manufactory Upgrades

15. Gain 4,000 Orcs
Collect 20,000 Magic Dust

16. Have a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 20 or higher
Research Goblins’ Magic Dust Manufactory Upgrades

17. Gain 100,000 Mana
Collect 20,000 Gems

18. Research Core Cracking Gems Manufactory

19. Have a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 24 or higher
Research Sentient Good Production Boost

20. Build a port for D000-b “Core”

21. Collect 1,000 C001-f “Basic”

22. Collect 400 c724-d “Breeze”
Collect 400 c331-m “Blossom”

23. Collect 400 C408-b “Mechatron”
Collect 400 C259-h “Shepherd”

24. Unlock the Ports of the Production Islands

25. Gain 10,000 Silly Soap
Gain 10,000 Alloy Shrooms
Gain 10,000 Cosmic Bismuth

26. Build a port for D001-o “Engine”
Build a port for D003-r “Assembly”

27. Build a port for D002-l “Garden”
Build a port for D004-w “Zoo”

28. Produce 50,000 Elvenarian
Collect 1,500 C001-f “Basic”
Have 8 Ports for Production Islands

29. Unlock Evolved Residences
Unlock Evolved Workshops

30. Have 8 Residences level 32
Have 4 Workshops level 32
Have 12 Ports for Production Islands

31. Produce 750 Air Filters

32. Product 520 Electric Shocks

33. Product 670 Rain Jellyfish

34. Product 600 Protein Bars

35. Collect 100 Humanium
Collect 100 Elvarium

36. Have 16 Ports for Production Islands
Upgrade D000-b “Core” to level 2

37. Product Basket of Groceries 5 times

38. Spend 50 Knowledge Points

39. Gain 20,000 Gems
Gain 20,000 Cosmic Bismuth

40. Unlock the First Upgrades of the Production Islands

41. Have 4 Production Islands at level 2

42. Scout 1 Province

43. Produce Advanced Tools 10 times

44. Gain 80,000 Mana

45. Collect 400 Humanium
Collect 400 Elvarium

46. Unlock Evolved Main Hall

47. Upgrade your Main Hall to level 32

48. Unlock the Blossom Princess
Train 5,000 Gruff Orc Warriors
Train 3,000 Blossom Princesses (declinable)

49. Scout 1 Province
Solve 4 encounters (declinable ?)

50. Have 30 Enigma Avenues

51. Upgrade D000-b “Core” to level 3

52. Unlock the Second Upgrades of the Production Islands

53. Have 8 Production Islands at level 3

54. Research 1 technology
Have 16 Production Islands at level 3

55. Have 1 Step Stones
Have 1 Recharge Bay

56. Upgrade D000-b “Core” to level 4
Collect 5,000 C001-f “Basic”

57. Produce 200,000 Elvenarin
Spend 30 Knowledge Points

58. Collect 20,000,000 Coins
Unlock the Final Upgrades of the Production Islands

59. Gain 20 Relics
Collect 500 Elvarium

60. Collect 20,000 Divine Seeds
Have 4 Production Islands at level 4

61. Gain 2,000,000 Supplies
Collect 500 Humanium

62. Collect 200,000 Mana
Have 8 Production Islands at level 4

63. Have six Manufactories at level 25 or higher

64. Have 12 Production Islands at level 4

65. Scout 1 Province
Buy 5 Knowledge Points

66. Unlock Evolved Workshops 2
Have at least 1 Workshop at level 33

67. Unlock Evolved Residences 2
Have at least 1 Residence at level 33

68. Place 10 Trade Offers
Accept 10 Trade Offers

69. Unlock the Senior Orc Strategist
Solve 4 encounters

70. Have 1 D288-b “Aqueduct”
Gain “Inspiring Meditation” Enchantment 2 times

71. Upgrade your Main Hall to Level 33
Deliver 1,000,000 Supplies

72. Give Neighborly Help 25 times

73. Deliver 200,000 Elvenarin
Deliver 20,000 Divine Seeds

74. Deliver 5,000 C724-d “Breeze”
Deliver 5,000 C408-b “Mechatron”

75. Deliver 5000 C331-m “Blossom”
Deliver 5000 C259-h “Shepherd”

76. Unlock the Ancient Wonders of the Constructs

77. Sell the Port of D000-b “Core”

78. Invest 100 Knowledge Points in an Ancient Wonder of another player

79. Scout 1 Province

Enjoy :)

Edit : Quest 48 is declinable ; 49 might be as well, not 100% sure.


Well-Known Member
I was just looking at the Constructs page on Gems. It now includes all of the Constructs quests.
#63 Have 6 manufactories at level 25 or higher

Are you serious? I have no need for six. I can produce all the sentient goods that I need with one each for T4, T5, and T6. And there is no good reason (I don't care about ranking) to upgrade non-sentient-boosted goods past 23. Why lose the 24 hour and 48 hour productions?

If this is indeed a mandatory quest I will be stopping at that point. Maybe even stop working the quests where I am at. I can complete the tech tree without level 4 islands. There is no way that I will buy expansions to put up these extra things.


Well-Known Member
Bleh, that quest does suck. It is totally unnecessary to upgrade sentients past level 24. Complete waste of space.

Simple fix for me though- I'll put em all up to 25 and delete them immediately after I finish the chapter. Why waste the space for 7 months?


Well-Known Member
Interesting idea to delete the level 25s once the task is done. To accomplish that I can just delete some mana buildings to make space and put them back after the quest.

It will give me something to do with my mu builders occupied during the seven month wait for new content. I can rebuild to 23 and only go back to level 24 if Chapter 15 requires it. Haven't got a clue as to what they will do in that chapter as far as goods!

But I really do wish that they would make the quest optional. They are going to far with forcing us to have inefficient cities. But I guess it makes since to them if they can get us to buy more premium expansions. No way, that ain't gonna happen. I will quit the game before I do that.

Please do the right thing and make #63 optional/


Well-Known Member
I think there's a "have 16 level 3 ports" quest too.
Which will trip you up too if you're only placing 4.

Pretty much like amuni where if you want to do the quests there is exactly 1 way to do it.

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
@Jaxom Or you can choose just not to do quests (I usually stop doing them after the first few, and then click them in next chapter).
Btw. to delete some mana buildings and later put them back... does that mean you use standard mana buildings instead of the event ones? (that's also inefficient)


Well-Known Member
@Jaxom Or you can choose just not to do quests (I usually stop doing them after the first few, and then click them in next chapter).
I guess I feel that doing the chapter quest lines is important. If I didn't do them I would take 6 months to complete each chapter,

Btw. to delete some mana buildings and later put them back... does that mean you use standard mana buildings instead of the event ones? (that's also inefficient)
Actually I now have no non-event mana buildings. I did have a bunch while I was waiting for Chapter 14 but they all went away. Thought I had stored up enough but the main hall and street upgrades ate up a ton. That and over producing Basic construct things. If I had known that they would demand another 5K late in the quest line I would have been better off.

The chapter has gone faster than expected due to having Portal Profit spells. I got the Core up to level 4 quickly and that helped. Now it is just a matter of grinding through the upgrades.

But I begin to wonder if moving forward is worth it. I can do tournaments without sentient stuff. I can do FAs (grudgingly, hate them) without sentient stuff. The only benefits from the later chapters seems to be stronger troops for fighting tournaments. Is it time for a new game?