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Chapter 16: Embassies


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The Scouts you sent to Unur to investigate the neighboring continent for traces of your ancestors, after Constructs left your city, have finally returned and they brought two guests: a Dwarven King and a Fairy Queen.

It appears that Unur is not only fertile again but the once extinct races you brought back to live in Elvenar have also reappeared there with their own cultures, cities and of course conflicts. In this new Chapter, we will see how, once again, a dispute between Dwarves and Fairies threatens the lands! The Dwarves need a lot of wood to fire up their foundries and have started to cut down trees in the Fairy realm of Unur. Of course, the Fairies are quite displeased with this fact and want to stop them. There is little understanding for the other's position but, after they heard about your abilities to overcome the conflicts between Elves and Humans, they entrust you with finding a solution.


The Settlement

Bringing together the Dwarves and the Fairies will require some sophisticated diplomatic skills. Therefore you will need to build a Senate, and Dwarven- and Fairy Embassies attached to it.

After doing so, your Draft Laws can be turned into new Propositions from each race. By using Beer Festivals and Tea Houses, you should be able to produce enough Strawberry Beer and Purple Tea to bring the Dwarven King and the Fairy Queen closer together. Not only are these cherished beverages loved by both races alike, they also help in the process of making Amendments that are combined with Inspirations from Meditation Circles to create the capped Chapter resource: Statutes.

Ancient Wonders

If you manage to complete all researches the Dwarves and Fairies brought to your Research Tree, you will get access to their special Ancient Wonders.


  • The Tournament Arena grants 0.5 ranking points per level for each Chest reached by your Fellowship in the weekly Tournaments, and produces Drone Riders that can be collected every 3 hours.

  • The Spire Library grants 0.5 ranking points per level for each Spire Crystal reward you receive at the end of the weekly Spire of Eternity, and allows you to collect Knowledge Points every 24 hours.

Further additions

Work your way through the Research Tree and you will find that both the Dwarves and Fairies will help enhance your buildings and increase their production output even further. The Chapter also comes with new levels for the Main Hall, Residences, Workshops, Crystal, Scrolls, and Silk Manufactories, Armories, and more.

On top of all that, Chapter 16 adds several new City Expansions. You may obtain two new Premium Expansions, uncover 2 new Expansions through Research or unlock one new Expansion when having completed at least 500 Provinces on the World Map. For those who already have completed more than 500 Provinces, this City Expansion will be available for placement in your city without needing to complete more.

We wish you a lot of success and diplomatic skills in reuniting the Dwarves and Fairies and are looking forward to hearing your feedback in our discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live release. The new quests of this Chapter and Expansions may be released with a slight delay, shortly after the new Chapter becomes available.