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Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies


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Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the announcement for our newest chapter here and let us know what you think about it!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


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The graphics are great as always. :) I will probably like new wonders (since ranking points is my goal and my fellowship does make a good work in both tournament and spire every week).

I have already more than 1500% portal profits in my inventory, but I'm still not sure, whether I use them for this chapter (in 30 days my 67 wishing wells expire, so I will have much free space for this monstrous buildings).


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This sounds like a very exciting chapter. I really didn't like the amuni and its story line, but it seems we are getting back to our roots with this new chapter. Can't wait now to finish chapter 15 to revisit our dwarves and fairies :D


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<The Tournament Arena grants 0.5 ranking points per level for each Chest reached by your Fellowship in the weekly Tournaments,>
What is a level in this case? We are always getting 10 chests ... but levels?


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Its not clear at all which technology i need to unlock to be able to produce it, not in this description and nowhere in research tree


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@Karvest yes, that's more logical; lvl 10 wonder times 0.5 =5 and if chest 10; then 50 rankpoints.

on NL server, that's a big gain already because the real rewards are very hard to get over there due to the many accounts that have had 'help' in the past or are made and pretty much only used for tournaments.

Lovec Krys

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Why has embasses to be so huge? Big portal not enough?
Which of the products can be generated by PPs? (I want to know how long before I can tear those embasses down and finish the rest of the chapter on PPs with just portal)


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level=number in this case. so 10 chests is 5rankpoints presumably.

it increases 0.5 point per level, up to level 35. All wonders have 31-35 levels ready but they are still locked on 30 at the moment.
It will be 15 points at level 30 and 17.5 at level 35.
Anyone be so kind and can let me know how many Knowledge Points are needed for Senate, thanks.

150 KP

I'm not sure about these must-make squad size upgrades.
It makes some people avoid the chapter.