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Buzzing Spring


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but it seems a bit pricy?
Yes of course! I've spent those diamonds just to get some more tries to catch that funny building.
I am not always trying to get the maxium out of my city, at first the optical overall impression has to tease my eye! ;)

Unfortunatley but not surprisingly it seems like that I will not be able to collect the last piece of the Golden Hive :(


Edit: I don't want to leave it unmentioned - I forgot to place my Ashen Phoenix back in my city after FA.
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Yay! I guess this apologizes for not reaching the last set-piece during the event! ;)


Never had one before in any of my cities. :)


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They're awesome; still have some first and second generation versions of them they fall about #4 best culture in my older cities, behind the Auctions, Spheric Stub and Witch Hut.