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Blessing of the Phoenix


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Now I was hoping to find something positive on my first event-day and tried to catch that daily prize.
"The Eggnook" which I think could be a new building, at least to me, unfortunateley didn't show up.


On the twenty-sixth and last day of the event I reached Stage 9 and was very surprised and happy to finally be able to win The Eggnook, which I directly placed in my city.
I really like buildings that deliver population, culture & troops (archers in this case)

Looking Back, the Blessing of the Phoenix has, to me, been a very nice event.
Somehow @InnoGames again and again succeds to make me temporary think that I might not be able to make it as far as I would like to. :D

I like it when an event stays exciting until the end. Thumbs up! ;)


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I am at 258 feathers. I have 50 sky essence, need either 59, 67 or 141. I can definitely snag the 59 with city litter, might even get to 67. There's the chance at another 35 tonight as well, so I will definitely get the 9th Artifact. So far I have won 1100 sky essence, and am solidly in Bronze League.


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Looking at the event, I know it's way harder to get all evolutions. No surprising, as there are almost no 'cheap' chests.
Usually I will always chose the chest with the lowest cost/progress. But this event there hardly were any; only the 78 for 4 and the 67 for 3. NONE of the small chests had a good ratio of progress as each of those cost over 30 eventcurrency for 1 point.

The amount of eventcurrency to be earned by following the quests was not more than usual, the daily amount given out was not more. And the ones reaped from the city were not more than usual. And the amount needed to get to 260 points progress is the same.
However, with the progress being more expensive than previous events it will be harder to make it, especially for players who already have a hard time getting it.