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Blessing of the Phoenix


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Next event is coming! ;)


I would like to try to start a discussion thread for the upcoming event, like we had here back in the days!


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The first day:

Ok, i have to admit that I had not prepared anything aditional in my city to "work" on event.

That's why it all felt like a very bad event-start to me today. :(

At first I've had not even one 3h-production ready to solve Quest Nr. 7 because all my manufactories had only 9h-Productions ready.

Next thing that felt a little bad after being reminded by my fellows, was that I recognized that I ain't got any pet food to feed my Ashen Phoenix.

Thats's why I took a look at my Magic Academy in hope to be able to craft pet food.


Nice one! But I guess I will neither craft that offer, nor spending 50 diamonds( maybe multiple times) to get another one.
Funny that the seasons are asking for pet food at the same time! ;)


Ok Ashen Phoenix unfeeded no problem for me.

At next I convinced myself to use at least some boosters to complete at least a few more event-quests.
Boosted some goods and 4 Combining Catalysts because I cannot see this "Sell-Icon" anymore,
I've just sold way to many buildings in all of my cities the last days in order to get some RR.

Now I was hoping to find something positive on my first event-day and tried to catch that daily prize.
"The Eggnook" which I think could be a new building, at least to me, unfortunateley didn't show up.

That's why I boosted quest Nr. 10 too. I was always picking the chests with the highest event-currency and didn't succeed to win an Egghook.
For today it was enough for me logging out now.
Coming back tomorrow to hopefully have better luck next time.
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The second day:

Started better than the last. :D

At first I could finally capture one pet food for my Ashen Phoenix.


By the way I've recognized that my Ashen Phoenix is old and small, maybe not that important to use feeding-effect and no need get frustrated about a situation where Pet Food is missing, but I did at least a little. ;)
(Just started chapter 12 now)


On top I could win two Burning Pools which are nice for mana because I've just started a new chapter.
I will use them to decorate my upcoming Platinum-Manufactory, I am going to build up now.

After finishing a few more Event-Quests I decided to place the Verdant Phoenix at Stage 3 and recognized that production can be switched between Mana and Rangers - I always like the switchable production-option in general - Nice! ;)

One thing I want to add is that Verdant Phoenix at Stage 3 is really cute looking I guess.
This Phoenix isn't hatching from an egg but from a cactus blossom.

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Hmmm, since I seem to be the only one writing in this thread it is going to become something like a event-diary I guess. :D

Ok, I've skipped the third day completely and built up some little event-helpers, small workshops and small manufactories, on the fourth day.

I boosted my way through the quests and collected a lot of relics, now I am "working" on Quest Nr.38.

My Verdant Phoenix is now on Stage 4 and still looking very cute! :)

Enevhar Aldarion

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Reached the daily lock Friday afternoon, completing all the sequential and first three daily quests. About the same time I have hit the lock in the past couple of years of events. And no, I do not look at any spoiler lists in advance, but just prepare my city for it. Currently at 151 and the Phoenix is level 6.

Dorfl the Clay

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Definitely find this event more difficult and more demanding than previous ones... normally I would have reached the 'one-per-day' stage by now (and yes, I always have some spare fabrics and workshops on lvl1 to work ahead) but find myself not being able to do more than one or two quests each day and am at nr 15 now...


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Back to continue my little event-diary. ;)

On the ninth day My halfling-city has arrived at Quest 58 and I was able to evolve my Verdant Phoenix from stage 5 up to stage 7.
Just recognized that each of this two stages unlocked another possibility for switchable productions.

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Now I've reached the quest-lock.


Cannot afford the next Formidable Chest without completing the upcoming quest.

My Verdant Phoenix is still at Stage 7, it stays exciting! ;)

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On the twelfth day I arrived at 152 points. Next artifact seems still far away.

Luckily I won the Peridot Perch which accommodates peridot birds.
I've just learned that peridot birds are just looking like miniature Verdant Phoenixes.

Just switched the position of the phoenix in order to allow both, big and small, to live together in neighborly relationships. :)



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On the fifteenth day I arrived at 165 points.


At the moment it looks like I will not even be able to make it up to 220 points, although I've already invested 1K of diamonds in event currency.


Seems to be a case of bad luck I guess. But let's wait and see what will happen the next days.


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On the sixteenth day I luckily could win 200 Sky Essence in Formidable Chest.

Now there is just one little step left to be able to evolve my Verdant Phoenix to Stage 8 and there are still 10 days of event left. :)


Dorfl the Clay

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I am struggling too... making sure I buy each chest as cheap as possible and ignoring all the 'possible' bonus prices. It took a lot of effort to get 7 artifacts, not sure 10 days wil be enough to aquire the last 2.. fingers crossed!


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Not sure how but I've managed all the quests so far. The Phoenix is nearly up to Stage 9 and pushing out seeds and petals. Was hoping for an artefact from the FA but I guess that's not going to happen.


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On the the twenty-first day:

Dang! How annoying, I just experienced that I had teleported my Ashen Phoenix back into inventory while preparing for FA about two days ago.

How funny that I was so fully into FA-preparation, that I obviously totally forgot about the running event. :D

Just placed the feeded Ashen Phoenix again, in hope to make it up to Stage 9.