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Battle [Battle] Combat screen difficulty displayed

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Implement an indication about how difficult a battle will be, before starting it.

Understanding the difficulty of a fight based on squad size of our troops verse the enemy helps players to understand how achievable a certain fight should be. It is also a pain/difficult for many players to convert the squad sizes of enemies that are not 5 to their own squad size. If the first combat screen where we can opt to negotiate or fight displayed a combat difficulty based on the ratio of squad sizes it would aid players in determining when/if they attempt the fight or if they negotiate.

An example of this is below. The display could have some colour coding or other visual display to help communicate what the numbers mean. Green, yellow, red is a good option or a tiny graphic like a thumbs up or a skull and crossbones for the super hard ones. Otherwise an information icon in the top right corner with a screen explaining the numbers might be needed.

Thanks @Dony for this one.

This is mostly a display matter so should not impact on other game system, except tournaments if also included for those fights.

It is hoped this would allow players to make more informed and strategic choices about battles and lower frustration about losing fights if it is understood how hard those fights are.

Possible downsides
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Great idea, I also think that enemy squad size should be normalized to 5 stacks as well. By this I mean that when you are facing 2 stacks of 100 the squad size should read as 40, not 100.


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I don't know guys, I fight quite a lot and I can guess the difficulty just by looking at the numbers. But it would not offend me either.


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It would need an explanation somewhere what the numbers mean. I mean like 1 - 3 is easy 4 - 6 is middle and 7+ is tough. Something like that. But I have to agree some with Urvalsandal here, would this really be a big help?


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I have included the idea of explaining the numbers. The suggestion was made as I constantly see people talking about fights and how they are trying but nor realising they are trying very difficult to impossible fights. This was originally suggest when the combat changes first came in but the issue of people not understanding fight difficulty continues for both new and old players.

For experienced combat players this won't make a big difference but the suggestion isn't aimed at those players ;)


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the only drawback of this method is that combat outcome is highly terrain-dependent
so a perfectly winnable fight according to the given army configurations may very well end up in a disaster if we face a terrain that does not allow for our troops to express themselves :)
(ever lost an obvious fight in auto-mode in tournament province 3, level 2 ? :mad:)
typical example is the bottleneck : our troops cannot move onto the map except through one small passage along the bottom line of the map;
such configuration should be disabled in the random terrain generator, and I do not care if it also removes them for the enemy