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Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
@Pauly7 Not sure which ones are considered the best for artefacts, but i'm currently in the silver (upper half of silver) and having second base (on beta a don't have fully evolved building due to using 6 artefacts to finish evolving old bear).
I used mostly 23/39/56/84 depending on combination of other chests. I'll try the same tactics on live (my goal in my main city is to get fully evolved building + 2 artefacts for tenth level of Polar bear (so i can teleport the other one and feed only one for 0 tourney cooldown)).

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
Luck shows again how this game works. I think I just had the luckiest moment in the entire time I have played my Beta city. After the entire event, I am sitting at 9/20 for the 7th grand prize artifact. to max the Red Panda, and one last sphere I can open, once I collect a few more keys for a 56-cost. I have only won back maybe 300 keys so far, for why I had not gotten the artifact a couple of days ago. Anyway, I finally open the sphere and win the 100 key prize. The spheres shuffle and I open the 84-cost one and win the 200 keys from it! So in two spheres, I go from being short, to easily completing the artifact grand prize. Now I can take the 2 artifacts that should be in the next FA and hope the recipe to convert them shows up, so I can add one more artifact to an old Bear.


Well-Known Member
Got 0 additional keys while trying to get a useful daily prize (spent ~2k keys), but got enough of them to finish in gold league while getting 14 useless ones...