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Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021


Well-Known Member
I like the fact that todays prize is 20 AW isead of 10. This way it is a nice prize even in the larger chests.
Totally agreed. I didn’t go for that prize in my beta city, so I didn’t pay attention to details (though something was bothering me about it, lol). This change is very appreciated, thank you, Inno!

Empress Dee

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Anyone have a screenshot of a stage 10 red panda? We were having a debate about what the value truly was on it.


Well-Known Member
I was surprised they didn't make it 2VV for level 9. It doesn't seem worth polishing for only +1VV over 3 days.


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With the Autumn Zodiac reaching the final days on Beta, here comes another video from 'The best daily prizes' series on my channel, comparing all the daily prizes of the tomorrow starting event on live servers.


Enevhar Aldarion

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Not sure how many days since they made the switch, but I see in the Royal prizes, those two plain Ferris Wheels have been replaced with the Ferris Wheel Galore.


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So I completed the quests and spent all the currency today. I also found myself to be particularly lucky winning bonus keys. So, having opened the best spheres for artefacts, I was quite surprised to have finished with only 8 artefacts. I would understand if I'd been unlucky, but I haven't. I seem to be in the top portion of bronze, so I imagine less than 10% of people got the building fully evolved so far. We do, no doubt, have the FA to win more, but... once again... the most idiotic idea is to award extra artefacts to people in silver or gold groups, being the only people who won't need any more.