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Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)


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Back when they've added 8CC per 5kSF recipe there where no much use for SFs, and SF stash was growing faster than CC stash. Now it's the opposite, there are a lot of new ways to get CCs, but no new ways for SFs, so they added backwards conversion. Rates are different because of VV which takes its part from recipe result.


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"## Selling Ancient Wonders
When selling an Ancient Wonder you'll now earn 1 Royal Restoration (RR) and 2 Combining Catalysts (CC) per level of your Ancient Wonder. We have seen your feedback about getting something back from Ancient Wonders you no longer need, and we are now adding this option. This change is set to roll out on the Beta server this Wednesday and will be available everywhere with the next game version, next week.

## Mobile Beta Note: Text Glitch Alert!
On Beta this week, if you play on Mobile, you might still encounter an outdated warning message stating you won't receive anything when selling an Ancient Wonder. Fear not! This is just a text glitch, and refunds will work as explained above. When you will download the next mobile version, next week, this temporary hiccup will be fixed.

## Diamonds for missing Royal Restorations
Starting from this Wednesday on Beta (on all servers from next week with the next version), missing Royal Restorations in build and upgrade costs can now be replaced with Diamonds. Previously, crafting Royal Restorations in the Magic Academy was the sole option to get them by using Diamonds.

We are adding this direct option for your convenience after having seen some of you have asked for it last week. Crafting at the Magic Academy remains the cheapest way to access additional RR with Diamonds. Now you simply have a more direct way, available on demand, also for smaller quantities where you don't need to spend additional Spell Fragments or take up a crafting slot."


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Blessing of the Phoenix - On Beta from February 14th​

In the heart of the desert, under the scorching sun, the Folk of Zaharim prepare for their most cherished event - the Blossoming of the Verdant Phoenix. As the day approaches, a young Zaharim herbalist stumbles upon a curious, vibrant green cactus unlike any other. She notices its peculiar, pulsating glow and feels an unexplainable energy emanating from it. Word spreads quickly through the Zaharim camp, igniting a mix of excitement and apprehension. The night before the Blossoming, the entire Folk of Zaharim gather around the mysterious cactus, which now stands tall and radiant under the starlit sky. As they watch in awe, the cactus begins to transform, revealing the magnificent Verdant Phoenix, its feathers a tapestry of lush greens and vibrant hues. However, the appearance of the Phoenix is just the beginning. The Zaharim soon discover that wherever the Phoenix flies, it leaves a trail of lush, blooming flora in the barren sands, turning parts of the desert into temporary oases. But with this sudden burst of life comes a challenge – the oases attract various desert creatures, some friendly, others not so much. As the Folk of Zaharim navigate this new bounty, they must balance their excitement with caution. Will they harness the blessings of the Verdant Phoenix to thrive, or will the sudden abundance prove too overwhelming for their desert haven? Join the event to find out and be part of the unfolding story of the Zaharim and the majestic Verdant Phoenix.

Main Prize: Verdant Phoenix with new pet effect!​

The new pet effect provides another means to get season petals. While active, Season Daily Chest gives additional petals. The main building produces Culture, Population, Rangers, Unurium, Mana, and Knowledge Points, depending on the chapter and evolution stage.

New Garden is coming!​

You will be able to acquire the beautiful Garden of Tales and Thorns buildings that produce Culture and Population. This event will also feature the Leagues system and the Royal Prize Pass.


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" Hi everyone!

Today, the beta version will unveil a significant reduction in Spell Fragment costs for Ancient Wonders, with this enhancement scheduled to roll out to all other worlds in the upcoming release cycles.

**Why the Change?**
Following recent adjustments to Ancient Wonders, we observed a noticeable gap between the required and obtained Spell Fragments. While we had plans to address this gap through improved Event and Spire rewards, we've decided not to keep you waiting and are making this enhancement right away. Your feedback is invaluable, and we're committed to ensuring a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience!

**What's Changing Exactly?**
The old Spell Fragments costs formula, a simple "Ancient Wonder level" x1000, is getting a makeover! The new and improved formula is more intricate, allowing you to evolve your Ancient Wonder further with significantly fewer Spell Fragments. Let's dive into the specifics:

**Before/After Comparisons:**
To upgrade an AW to level 16 (equivalent to 75% power of level 35), the costs are down by over 60%!
To upgrade an AW to level 28 (90% as powerful as level 35), the costs are down by roughly 50%!
To upgrade an AW to level 35, the costs are down by almost 40%!

**How to Embrace the Change:**
Prepare yourselves for a more accessible journey to enhance your Ancient Wonders and make the most of these reduced Spell Fragment costs. This improvement empowers you to reach higher levels with ease, bringing new dimensions to your strategic gameplay.

Let us know in ⁠https://discord.com/channels/1136205917306753035/1143844270843891802 if you come across any problems. Your thoughts are also always welcome in ⁠ the other chats .

Thank you for your help and assistance! "


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First of all, thanks @FaunaWillow for posting it here

And yes, finally! Something had to give. And it seems that it finally did get through to their heads that their last change was not well thought out.

Sadly, we already lost several players over this, some of them didn't even park their city but deleted their account. Damage like that is not going to be repaired, but at least going forward will be better now for many players.

However, on a personal note; I have parked and deleted several of my cities. I will not be starting new ones to replace the deleted ones and I will only keep the others active by logging in every other week or so to keep them from being deleted. But there will be no more money spent on them.
And for my main account; I will keep playing, but am unlikely to spend money anymore. The damage done by that last change was not just to the game, but to my trust and respect. That is not going to be repaired by finally undoing a change they have been told was a mistake by their beta-players over and over again, then on live again.
Lost trust is not easily regained.
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Dorfl the Clay

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And for my main account; I will keep playing, but am unlikely to spend money anymore. The damage done by that last change was not just to the game, but to my trust and respect. That is not going to be repaired by finally undoing a change they have been told was a mistake by their beta-players over and over again, then on live again. Lost trust is not easily regained.
I totally agree, the same applies to my accounts too.. So far I have always been a fair sponsor of INNO, but from now on, that is in the past!


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LOL XD !!! I just get back to this game expecting a good returning to my old city and find out INNO did again HAHAHAHAHA!!

WTF are these new changes? lot of spell fragments + CCs and RRs to evolve a single level of AWs, are you dump inno devs? Most of this game experience is based in AWs development, you´ll force your players go away...

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Enevhar Aldarion

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For the few people still using this forum and not Discord, an announcement from Deadeye Jerry today:

"With the next deployment on Beta, the city grid will increase, and a new expansion will be available from Scouted Provinces (if you complete 700 provinces) - this is related to the upcoming Chp22, which is planned to release in around a month on Beta."