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Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)


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Release Note:

"Some bugs have been fixed
  • An event quest requirements were fixed.

  • An issue was fixed in the profile tab, when the players wanted to change the avatar, they couldn't select the avatars from the first row with one click.

  • We fixed a display issue where the players were receiving an incorrect notification for donated KP in their AW.

  • We fixed an issue that prevented the Ancient Wonders from disappearing from the list when their research was finished.
Thank you for your help and assistance!"


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Beta News:

“Additional improvements for Ancient Wonders

We are continuing to work on improvements linked to Ancient Wonders. Let's have a look at the next 3 coming to beta and live servers.

##> [Beta] Ancient Wonders Gallery - on Browser
On **October 24** we are releasing the Ancient Wonders Gallery **on beta**, for browser players. This view allows to more easily keep track of your Ancient Wonders, in a similar way like it is possible to do already on the mobile version of the game.

##> [Beta] Ancient Wonder Notification - Invested knowledge points
This will also be released on **October 24 on the beta server**. The notifications will display how many Knowledge Points have been contributed to one of your owned Ancient Wonder by another player.

This feature, like the one before, will arrive to live servers at a later moment depending on how the beta test will go. We'll keep you posted!

##> Contribution Overview - New Tab
Following a period on the beta server, this new tab is coming to all **live servers on October 26**. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback during beta!

The new tab provides an overview about your current contributions and the rewards you can receive. The list is limited to the 60 newest entries. This is because of technical reasons, and based on the data we have it should also be enough for the vast majority of players.

Thanks for your passion”


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Btw, just looked at contribution overview, seems my point was taken in consideration and they removed already full AWs from the list.
Looking at new AW Gallery screenshot, seems it would be same awful design as AW Levels tab - you can't scroll by just clicking anywhere and dragging like it is in the other player AWs overview, but need to point the mouse at a small scrollbar...


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Looking at new AW Gallery screenshot, seems it would be same awful design as AW Levels tab - you can't scroll by just clicking anywhere and dragging like it is in the other player AWs overview, but need to point the mouse at a small scrollbar...
Hm. I was wrong, you can now scroll by clicking on AW/Level in these overviews, but a bit weird - scrolling speed is much bigger than mouse movement speed, so that entire list can be scrolled via single mouse move.


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Fellowship Adventure Update:

"Dear Humans and Elves,
The current round of Fellowship Adventures has incorrect rewards and we can't modify the one running right now as it is not technically possible.

We don't want to close the current round so you don't lose your current progress but starting from November 3rd until November 10th we will have another round of Fellowship Adventures with the correct rewards which will be the following: Map 2: Tome of Soul Experiments (Includes 4 set pieces of Soul Experiments Set and one Soul Lab Artifact) Map 3: Solunar Nexus Artifact Tinlug, Star Serpent Artifact

The first round(current) of the Fellowship Adventures ends on November 2nd and the second on November 10th.
Thank you for your help and assistance!
Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team"
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"Ask the Devs! (Discord Only)​

We have some exciting news for you! We are launching a new activity called Ask the Devs! This is your chance to ask anything you want to know about the game and get answers from the people who make it.

Here's how it works​

From now to November 7, you can post your questions in ⁠⁠ask-the-devs-nov2023 https://discord.com/channels/1136205917306753035/1169265288253034537.
On November 7, from 13:00 to 14:00 CET, four of our developers will join the channel and answer there some of your questions. You can ask about any aspect of the game, such as features, mechanics, design, lore, etc. We can't wait to hear from you and share some insights into Elvenar. Is there already a question you like shared by someone else? Add a thumbs up on it and a comment. This will let us know which questions will be the most popular and will help us to prioritize the answers. Don't miss this opportunity to interact with the devs and learn more about the game. Join us and Ask the Devs!"



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Just a little fyi that I won't be continuing to update our lovely Beta community here anymore on the forum, regarding copy/pasting any upcoming Announcements, News or Bug Reports that are posted on the Beta Discord channels anymore.
Sadly, the Beta forum (and the community and/or any ongoing communications) is pretty much dead now, since the team over here no longer checks in and is not engaging on this platform.
They are pretty quiet on Discord too and I'm tired of checking for any signs of life. I'm not blaming any moderator. It's not their fault that this change was made for them.
I'll stick with checking in with the still beating live forums for now.
Sorry everyone! Anyone else is welcome to post any updates here! ♥
There is a Discord Q&A on the 7th with the Developers. We can only hope that they give us some encouraging news regarding our poor forums at that time.

Dorfl the Clay

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I am very sorry to read that, because your copy/pasting was highly appreciated, not just by myself, but all the members of 3 different FS.
I understand your motivation and thank you for the info so far; it was nice to have someone willing to make the effort! Happy playing!


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There were nothing really new on beta to discuss lately, that's why both platforms are pretty dead. Just bug reports which went to discord and that new discord Q&A which is only on discord by design...

Lovec Krys

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Yeah, funny answer. So let's translate it:
Forums will be closed because their activity will be too low (after we annouced that we are moving to Discord and forums will be closed, so many players moved to Discord from Forums pernamently and new players don't even know that forums exists, since game now points only to Discord).

In other words: We will close forums if their activity is too low while we made everything possible to lower activity on forums to fulfill that condition.

Btw, as we can see now, Discord will be as dead as forums were prior switching to Discord (+- few %), because the platform is not the problem here. The same reasons why forums has become so dead prior Discord annoucement are still valid after switching to Discord and will not change by switching to another platform again.

Dorfl the Clay

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@Lovec Krys : That's a very accurate translation.. first of all, why would Inno presume that moving the fora to Discord would be an improvement on the amount of players using them? There is nothing to support that, stronger even, people were not using (or leaving) the fora because they got frustrated about the way their input and contributions were handled. Now that is used as 'proof' that moving to Discord is a good idea, even though a lot of players that were still active on fora, have made it very clear they don't like Discord for all kinds of reasons and it would lower and frustrate their interest to contribute to fora even more! Inno should have listened to the few players that still did make an effort on fora to contribute to the game in a positive way and should have tried to improve the way fora are used and the input is handled. Moving to Discord is just like giving the fora a fresh lick of (low quality) paint, but does nothing to improve the content and will only increase the problem!


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It would be the same "advent calendar"-type winter event as usual, main prize is Hearthbloom. Stats and animation is available on my site.
You can also check other new buildings animations in spoilers thread here.
There would be a recipe for MA which converts 2 Hearthbloom Artifacts into Tome with all other winter evo artifacts from 4 previous years or 4RRs.