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Ads in the game?


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I have not seen any pop up yet on my browser, but several FS-members have and say they are too loud


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Capture d’écran 2023-05-16 183045.png

Enevhar Aldarion

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On the browser, I get a popup that says I have to disable adblock to play the ads. In the app, they play fine, at least here in the US.


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As this is the beta version, as part of that we regularly test new features and options and this is one of those tests
ok. yes, i know. so just to say the ads still aren't playing in my city. and since i can't use my portal either i'm guessing they're connected?


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It is very easy to accidentally click on the advertisement button when adding kp to a research tech. Yeah, you can decline to watch it, but it's annoying, frustrating and distracting to have to deal with that.
Not that INNO cares. That's why they moved their diamond buttons around recently too.
Sure, no one is forcing us to click on an ad button...but they are cheesy, in your face and against what a lot of players want to see.
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