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Duplicate Ability to See Goods Overview in Trader

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Aelin Fireheart

Currently when you go into the trader you can't see how many of each good you have unless you exit the trader. This has led to me accidentally trading more goods than I should many times.
For example when I need 700 wood and 750 steel but I only have 300 steel and 1000 wood. Trying to get the 750 steel I trade away more wood than I should and end up with less wood than what I need.
I'd just like a way to see the goods overview at the top of the page without having to exit the trader.


I don't know what your trader looks like, but mine shows me exactly how many goods i have.



Ex-Team Member
Both previous posts are correct, but I think you're idea was to be able to open the goods overview (image below), even when the trader window is opened. This idea has been suggested earlier in this thread (click) and has already been forwarded. I'll close this thread as a duplicate. Please add your support to the referred thread. :)

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