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A poem for you all.:)


Poetry is the soul singing of it's dreams and longings to all who read it's rhymes.
Well done, my fellow Elvenarans.


Ode to Elvenar
(From a battle weary Elf) Thank you Ophion for your beautiful poem you shared with us.

I slept last night upon a bed
of leaves and vines that furled,
and wound until they'd made a wall
to shield me from this world.

As intricate as winding dreams,
they wrapped me close to keep
the nightmares from invading
as I lay me down to sleep.

And in that wall, a door appeared
of bark and acorn shell
that opened onto sunlit fields
replete with asphodel,

that wavered in the breeze
as ghostly figures passed anon,
sweet smiling in their passing
into shadows and were gone.

And dark'ning skies exploded
into sparkling stars abright
with diamond haloes hov'ring
o'er angels wings in flight.

And peace became a blanket
floating gently from the skies,
enveloping humanity
and opening my eyes...

from where I lay upon a bed
of leaves and vines that furled...
and wound until they'd made a wall
to shield me from this world.


I had to use a translator ( I do not speak English ) , humbly enjoy the poem .

Thank you for sharing that.


Well-Known Member
Last night when I lay down to sleep
a dragon came to call.
I asked him what his name was..
tho he told...I can't recall.
I know his wings were bloodied red
with scales of opal fire
and eyes the deepest cobalt blue
like Elven hewn sapphire.
A crown of runes he wore
upon a head majestic bowed
and words he spoke within my thoughts
were sounded clear and loud
he told me of the sorcerors, of lore
and legends old...
he told me of the warriors, the noble,
brave and bold
He stayed with me 'til Elven moonlight
faded into black
and with a nod he bid farewell
and never once looked back
Tonight I lay me down to sleep
and hope he will return...
for with his soul my heart remains and
evermore shall burn.


I hope, someone will understand this poem:

ON/OFF - Reset - Zero

The world's going around and goes by,
Switch off your brain if you need illusions
There's a button involved on this line
it will be this live that you wish

Reset your mind if you want
but there is a hole in your soul
it doesn't get closed in your life
Nothing else matters, no feelings.

Is it real to look into a box?
Reality to see with the ears?
Your eyes are destined
for phoning with friends

Your friends are designed
to live in your coloured box
They don't live in a house
walking with you on the line

This road is a neverending trip
beginning early in the morning
but it won't be the end in the night
Your brain always is going around

Putting away the sleep of your body
bringing you the illusions of love
the box is swearing you ever and all
but at the end you will be alone

© Sina Katzlach


Active Member
Everything runs

Meanwhile everything runs
just as I stand
at this corner, well done
I dream motionless of what I will do
one day I will do

Everything flows like a river
everything flows through my thoughts
and for each written word
only for this I dream
that it is without end
may it be without end

meanwhile everything runs
inside my head
and at this corner
I keep looking at people
who never stop
street after street
step by step

Everything flows like a river
Everything flows through my thoughts
And for every written word I will remember
I will remember each one of you
until the end
Until the switch is turned off