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A poem for you all.:)


Great, great and great, ophion!!!
I've appreciated it as it doesn't happen to me since a long time!
Alessandro :rolleyes:
Wow, I read it many times and many times...
I'm surprised to see how many interesting people there are on this forum! :eek:

Oh Yes me too, I like it very very .... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Thank You ophion


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Hi everyone...

Here is a very, very...*yawn* long poem for you...so you may fall asleep before the end. LOL

Anyway...hope some of you manage to get through it.:)

The fall and rise of Galanthos

There was a story told to me when as a child I lay
in rapt attention to the words that haunt me to this day.
Concerning of a hidden stone known only to a few,
that should it be discovered thus, could tear our world in two.

I listened as the Elders spoke in hushed and laboured tones
of warriors with silver helms and belts of human bones
that clicked and rattled as they bounced against their naked skin
and cries of war soared like the winds and chilled the soul within.

And as the tale unfolded so I learned of many things,
the wars between Galanthos and the passing of the kings.
The battles of Isirion and of Berethil the Bold...
the laying waste of cities lost to places dark and cold.

And as the tale grew taller so a shadow came to pass
and lingered like a memory in some forgotten past,
a memory upon a wind that blew upon a shore
and brought with it destruction like was never seen before.

As demon ships with sails ablaze rode seas of bloodied foam
and carried with them magic runes so deftly etched in stone.
The Stone to end our freedom and in darkness so endure
a century of tyranny, enslaved for evermore.

For in this Stone of Power lay the curse to bind us all.
To make us do their bidding and to heed their masters call.
To summon up the spirits of the dead that we had slain,
rearming them with mighty swords so they may fight again.

So battles raged for many years for those that had the will
to fight the evil forces that within their hearts would chill
the very marrow in their bones until their souls were forced
to flee this pain and torment, this demonic holocaust.

Unable to defeat the ghostly army they did fall
as one by one they stood together, backs against the wall.
Then with a last drawn breath they raised their heads and turned to face
The Ocean of Undo-ing, and their final resting place.

The place where Lords and legends lie, where heroes fall to rest
to lie in peace and solitude, with shields upon their breast
and silver bladed swords in hand as if they lay in sleep
beneath the blue and salty sea, in waters dark and deep.

And darkness ruled the kingdom that was lost to mortal men
the like of which were vanquished and would never rise again
and all around was silent and was lost in dark decay
for there was nought but shadow 'neath a canopy of grey.


Many years had passed and many moons had crossed a sky
that looked down on Galanthos as the seasons passed it by
and then the faintest light appeared to rise above the sea
illuminating, growing in it's luminosity...

...and still the light grew stronger 'til the shadows shrank away
and hid themselves bewildered by the dawning of the day
and with the light the swelling tides did crash upon the shore
and flooded o'er all until Galanthos was no more.

And thus it was our Kingdom sank beneath the raging sea
washed of all the evil and the years of tyranny.
Cleansed of all the blood that ran and stained the soil red,
healed once more and hallowed in remembrance of the dead.

Then after forty days and nights a storm broke in the East
that started like a murmuring from some awakened beast,
then grew into a roar as if the Kraken were reborn...
Galanthos had arisen with the coming of the storm.

'Twas then the ships came sailing like a beacon in the night
and sailed on ever closer with their sails of purest white.
With masts of polished ebony and etched with magic staves
with figureheads of unicorns that pranced upon the waves.

And on the rolling decks where light descended from the skies
the silhouettes of men appeared with stars upon their eyes.
With shining helms of silver and their breasts adorned with gold...
the heros of Galanthos stood, the warriors of old.

For The Ocean of Undo-ing had returned their souls this night.
To once again protect the shores, to live again and fight
for honour and for freedom and to once again rebuild
the glory of Galanthos, and the forging of a Guild.

And when the Brotherhood was formed they searched the land to find
the evil stone of power that could tear and break and bind.
But nought could e'er destroy it so they chose to place it deep
within a pit, there to remain, forevermore in sleep.

So there it slumbers waiting for it's time to rise again.
To sate it's lust for power and to revel in the pain
To work its runic magic and to once again release
it's poison through our kingdom like some virulent disease.

And even now when skies grow dark and storm clouds hide the moon
and chill winds shake the Eldar trees and all the leaves are strewn...
then something stirs among the roots in caverns underground
for something lies beneath us that should never e'er be found.

Some say it lies near "Haven-ford" and some say "Eithel's Keep,"
some say it lies in Isingor, or North where Icebears sleep.
Some say it's best forgotten...let it lie with those that knew...
for should it be discovered thus, could tear our world in two.
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Not sleeping yet, dear ophion, but enjoying your beautiful poem.
You are really very good in writing poems and I like your style very much.

Thank you so much for sharing your poems with us.


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My friend...MagicLucy...
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I never expected anyone to read it because of it's length..
so it's very special that you took the time to read and comment.
Thank you so much. \o/ \o/ \o/


Ophion, Tolkien would have loved your poems, I can't think of a higher
compliment than that. Very moving, and lyrical. Don't stop writing,
you have a gift.


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@MustangK ...
There is no higher compliment to give me...I only wish I had an ounce of his talent.:)
Thank you so much for your support and kind words....they mean a lot. \o/


It's always a big pleasure reading your poem, ophion: this time I needeed much more effort 'cause my english is not so good and so I needeed more time for well understanding the meaning of it, but the reward at the end of this effort is simply fantastic!
Thank you very much, dear ophion and when you can and you've time, please, continue delighting us with your poems! :)


Keep up the good work ophion. Your poems are incredible. It's almost like you are there, whilst reading them. I've read tens of thousands of books in my life, and rarely have I read anything this moving. You should be published:) I'd be honored to read any poems you post:)

Cheers, Drax


Totally agree with Draxxan: I'm more and more surprised about ophion's qualities! :)


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Wow...Amazing comments from you guys.:)
Thank you so much for the great support here. \o/ \o/ \o/


Dear ophion, it's not you that have to say thank you to us but we've to say it to you for sharing your splendid poems in this forum with all of us! ;)
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Another poem for you all...
This one has a lot of place names in it so I hope you can understand it. It's following a journey from a young man eager to leave his homeland to discover whatever lays beyond his city walls. The last verse is the same man in old age who has travelled all his life in search of something that eludes him...tho' he still maintains there is more to learn.


I watched the sun come rising from the Argus in the East
and stood enraptured as it streamed across the skies,
in rubied dreams of wonder, 'til it touched the waters edge
and thus exploded like a thousand diamond eyes.

From Surriskirrin Tor unto the plains of Egraness
and further on to where the silver herons sing,
that skim the open waters of the sea, Isirion,
to bring such beauty with their songs upon the wing.

To the Ocean of Undoing, as they fly into the west
where crimsons fade as purples gather overhead,
they pass the last remaining ships that head their way back home,
steering courses that shall lead them to their bed.

As fire trees from Berethil light up the shores at night
and guide the waterships and crew to Havenkeep,
so does the Goddess Moon appear, in harmony to all
of natures creatures bathed in peace and drawn to sleep.

And 'neath this starbright heaven that endures beyond my days
I reminisce about the home I left behind,
and took "the great long journey" of a lifetime just to know
what lay beyond the city wall that I might find.

But 'tho my life is near to end and I have travelled far
and seen so many things that thrilled and filled my dreams,
I take with me the knowledge that there is a life beyond
and that "beyond" is often much more than it seems....

I watch the sun come rising from the Argus in the East
and stand enraptured as it streams across the skies,
in rubied dreams of wonder, 'til it hugs the waters edge
and thus explodes into a thousand diamond eyes.


Very nice work you are a master!

In spanish server there was a literary conquest, mods could organice something here too :)


I like very much your writing style, ophion, and everytime it's a pleasure to spend my free time reading for a while your poems: I find them really wonderful! A lot of compliments again!
Alessandro :)


Thank you Ophion for your poems - The Green Man and Ode to Elvenar (From a battly weary Elf).
Your poems were very beautifully written. There is so much incredible talent out there in the world,
and we would never know about it if it wasn’t for the internet.

Some people think poetry is for the birds.
But it can touch your heart with just a wee-bit of words.
While playing in Elvenar, I was inspired to write a poem for my
Dragon Riders/Masters Fellowships called Peace and Harmony.
Enjoy fellow elves and humans.

Peace and Harmony
My beautiful elven city is known as Dragon Valley.
As you can see, we elves live in peace and harmony.
We respect nature and every so often plant a tree.
The oxygen it gives forth makes us feel a wee-bit giddy.
There are humans building homes in Elvenar also.
Please don’t approach them aiming your bow.
We are all a part of the circle of life,
and must learn to help each other and not cause strife.
Have fun unearthing the ancient powers of Elvenar
but keep your saddle polished and brand new.
Along your journey you might find a dragon egg or two,
and may need to rescue it from a pot of stew.

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Thank you my friend for your kind comments...and also for your great poem.
Long live the poets of this world.:) \o/ \o/ \o/