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A Gateway into the Past 2023

Deadeye Jerry

Community Manager
Elvenar Team

The dwarven board game possesses the power to transport players to the ancient city of the Sun and Moon dwarfs—a sanctuary from destruction nestled within a magical dimension. However, the board exclusively transports only those who engage with it, and its capacity is rather limited. To surmount this challenge, the dwarves diligently explore their land, seeking age-old mechanisms that can create gateways of greater stability, capable of transferring more travelers. Unsurprisingly, much like everything else in this realm, this mechanism is also a game! Join the dwarfs in deciphering this puzzle to unleash its potential. Let the game begin!

Dear Humans and Elves,

Starting from September 7th until September 27th you can play the dwarven board game and earn Dwarven Chips by completing the event quests, reaching quest milestones, visiting your city on a daily basis or you can also find and collect Dwarven Chips at the outskirts of your city, so keep your eyes open! Trade your Dwarven Chips for Game Pieces and Merge the Game Pieces to make them more appealing. At the end Offer the Pieces to the Dwarves and receive powerful rewards.


You can collect Dice, Dwarven Tools, and Dwarven Figurines. Drag identical Game Pieces to combine and advance them to the next level. Each Game Piece has 6 different levels. Use your Game Pieces to trade with the Dwarves, if a trade is not interesting, you can always refuse it and wait for a new one. Completing trades rewards you with Prizes and Triumph Gems. By progressing through the event, and acquiring the rewards, you will be able to acquire the new evolving building Solunar Nexus.


4x4, Mana, Unurium, and Knowledge points.
At the highest evolution stage, it gives a Time Booster(10 mins)!

This event will also feature the Leagues system, as well as the Royal Prize Pass. You can acquire Queen's Idol (new expiring building and you can acquire it by playing both) which boosts the base coin production in the city.

The questline consists of a story section and additional episodic quests, which start as soon as the story is completed. This means that you will be able to finish the first series of quests right away, while later quests have new additions released on a daily basis, allowing you to continue to play 1 additional event quest on each new event day. Fulfilling the event quests will also grant you Milestone Rewards at certain points along the way.

We hope you'll enjoy playing the dwarven board game and are of course looking forward to reading your feedback in our discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in event layouts, balancing, and prizes between Beta and Live release. App version 1.182 is required for the event to function properly. In addition to that, please note that the final day of the event spans more than 24 hours, in order to not have the event end during the night (CET). That means the Daily Exclusive on September 26th is the final Daily Exclusive reward that is also available for some more hours in the morning (CET) of September 27th. No new event quest is added to the quest line on September 27th, the final Quest Milestone can be unlocked on September 26th.